AdSense Referral Letter

    I just got a sad email from Google about AdSense referrals ...


    The purpose of this letter is to provide you with important information regarding
    referrals that point to an AdSense product. As part of the program for
    optimizing the potential revenue of web publishers, we are constantly
    experimenting with new features aimed at increasing the
    profit of our partners, as well as analyze and make changes to
    existing products in this category. In particular, such
    studies have been carried out for referral units offering
    visitors to publisher sites to sign up for AdSense. During the
    long work with this program over the past year, we
    have come to the conclusion that other similar products are more beneficial for
    web publishers in your area. This is why the referral program
    pointing to AdSense will be closed in the next few
    weeks. This change will not affect referrals promoting other
    products and services.

    If your site has referrals inviting users to
    sign up for AdSense, check out the
    information about future changes below .

    In early January, your account will not be able to
    create new blocks of referrals that point to AdSense. You will
    continue to receive accruals for all existing referrals until
    the end of January or until you reach a total income of $ 100
    USA, after which this program will be completely suspended.
    Existing referral blocks will still be displayed on the
    pages of your site.

    We recommend that you remove all referral units that point to AdSense
    no later than the last week of January. Blocks of referrals that you do not
    delete will continue to be displayed on the pages of the site, but
    conversions on them will not be taken into account. We suggest replacing such
    links to AdSense with referrals to other products or services, or
    to ad units.

    Thank you for promoting AdSense among your
    site visitors and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


    The Google AdSense

    Google Ireland Ltd. Team
    Gordon House
    Barrow Street
    Dublin 4

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    From myself: Well what can I say ... It's a shame. = (

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