Macworld Intrigue Revealed

    Macbook airIt seems that MacWorld has intrigued everyone! According to reports the site at Macworld 2008 Steve Jobs will be submitted to MacBook Air.
    This is an aluminum laptop, comparable in size to a MacBook, but rather related to the MacBook Pro line in terms of performance. Now it becomes clear what the posters “2008 There is something in the air”, hanging on the territory of the exhibition, mean. Thoughts about such a device are dictated by the following things:
    1. Possible  WiMAXX adapters in the laptop. 
    2.  Last year Apple patent for inductive charging
    3. Posters "2008 There is something in the air" [ discussion of the same name on Habré
    4. Active mention of this phrase in  Adium's usage reports . Read the full article here in more detail  .

    It is noteworthy that the same resource ( last year published the first photos of the new iPod Nano 3G before their presentation by Steve Jobs. 

    If all this is true, then a device unique to the market awaits us. It’s also interesting that if we managed to “get to the bottom of the truth” Macworld 2008 only two days before Stevennote, which does Apple the honor of keeping secrets.

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