Looking for work for a project manager (Moscow) - Part I

    Under the influence of a friend, he decided to start writing about his job search and job interviews. Just hunting to express your positive emotions about different people whom I met over the past 3 weeks.

    Today is the first part. Initial data :
    I lived 7 years in Novosibirsk, and the last 2 years is closely connected with work on the Internet. For half of 2006, he worked in Petra as an information project manager, and almost all of 2007 (except for the second half of December :) - as a manager in the Deepsign Internet agency . During this time, we made several nice sites and services (for example, Siberian Networks and Kvarsis plans) - in total, more than 12 projects, in addition, I was engaged in website promotion (search + contextual advertising) - this is about 10 more projects.

    Education is more than necessary - 3 diplomas, of which one specialist (management), additional qualifications (translator in the field of professional communication) and one master's degree (economic sociology). There were also 2 completed courses in the specialty of Automated Management Systems and a year in graduate school in economics and national economic management - but unfortunately I had to quit both.

    At the end of November 2007, because of the "tired of Novosibirsk" :) I decided to leave for Moscow. The next day he quit his job (+ worked for 2 weeks and handed over the remaining projects), he immediately bought a plane ticket and began to pack up. I wanted to come and get a job in a client Internet agency and make cool sites for cool customers.

    Before leaving, I looked again at the rating of Internet agencies , chose those whom I knew and who admired me, and dumped my resume. I also added it to hh.ru and superjob.ru, although I added it with chagrin I learned that their standard forms are poorly suited for project managers - there is nowhere to add examples of projects at all. Prior to departure, we previously agreed on interviews with:

    • U-Soft
      Shtaty.ry (agency)
      For me personally, Grape and Defa were the most interesting - these are 2 awesome internet agencies in my opinion. R-Style with their new project within km.ru was also interesting. U-Soft seemed to me a dark horse, Shtaty.ru is a recruitment agency - which is fraught with both opportunities and difficulties. It's hard to say anything about BDBD - I heard a lot of negative reviews in Novosibirsk about their work on website promotion (but I also know that they occupy leading positions in the market), but I did not know anything about the fact that they make websites.

      He flew away from Novosibirsk on December 12 in a positive mood - after all, Independence Day, although this holiday was canceled. It was immediately clear that it would be better to go in January - but there was reluctance to sit a month in Novosibirsk and just wait a month.

      PS In the following posts I am going to describe my interviews in these companies and do a rough overview of vacancies. If one of the representatives of these companies believes that I am violating some confidentiality conditions ( of which there was not a word - but still there is etiquette and unspoken agreements with candidates for work ) - please unsubscribe in the comments or to me in the PM, I simply will not write or pre-agree the text with you.

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