Have you seen this?


    Well, I don’t know, maybe this clone was already discussed at the hub, but I saw it for the first time, and immediately I got the feeling of deja vu.

    Well, I don’t know, it also happens with me: I’ll see something on the network and immediately want to use what I’ve liked in my megaproject, which I’m about to do, and a little bit more, and I’ll appear (well, he won’t “appear” himself)

    but! in the process of reflection, development and implementation, my thoughts and implementation options will necessarily appear personally, creating what I can call my own. Of course, this can also be called the principle of superposition of all sources of inspiration, which I felt earlier. but my creation will definitely look like in my opinion!;)

    well, I don’t know, the cloned design at least evokes the feeling of copy-paste filling.

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