Large portals of Runet

    Today I would like to talk about the cool portals of the Russian Internet segment. I counted them all 3.

    The OnRu.Ru project was opened in 2004. Currently, traffic is an average of 30,000 visitors per day. A total of 27 sections. Basically, the projects were created in collaboration with large companies. for example, TV and radio are taken from, and the Arena game is simply representative of The search is implemented, it is carried out through WebAlta. Dating - affiliate site News is copied, the casino is also affiliate, etc. The most popular sections: Dating, Flash cartoons and games.

    From May 2005 to November 2006, attendance at the portal increased. Now it stands still. In places where, according to the idea, advertising banners should hang, Google Adsense blocks and banner exchange networks hang. It’s sad. It’s worth looking at advertising prices and everything becomes clear.

    But, probably, the creators of the portal thus receive considerable income. Still would! For affiliate programs they have enough traffic. Each new section receives the attention of visitors to other sections already promoted. was also opened in 2004. Belongs to the company "New Information Technologies" . Attendance is an average of 14,000 visitors per day. Unlike the previous project, here basically all the sections are own. Most popular: Essays, Software.

    This portal has a very good directory of sites. On it the main search is carried out. The sections feature Google Adsense and Runner ads. In the adsense they even wrote about them as about the Runet site that successfully makes money in their system - see here .

    The site has a nice design, cleverly “shoved” AdSense blocks everywhere. Sorry they did not tell me how much they earn on it.

    And, finally, in my opinion the worst of the portal listed here . It was opened in 1999. Once it was a normal site, but now it is crammed with advertising. Only 15 sections. Attendance of about 17,000 visitors per day. Banners of various banner networks and a small block of Google Adsense are placed on all pages.

    Here, of course, there is nothing to think about direct advertisers. Who will buy ads on such a site?

    That's all. The largest here are three. Maybe there are a few other, smaller ones, but they are not worth attention =)

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