Webmasters for beginners - automatic banner maker

    Often newly made website owners wonder how to promote the site. And despite the fact that all kinds of SEO are now popular, banner networks are still popular.

    But it’s not enough to place the banner code on your website, you also need to draw your banners. And it’s good if you have money and a familiar designer, but often all you need is a simple and uncomplicated banner.

    This tool can help here:

    Minimum settings, maximum amenities.

    It is enough to choose the subject, a couple of slogans (a hint - if you enter two of the same, then there will be no blinking), url of your site and click "Create".
    The banner will be instantly created and it can be uploaded to the banner network via a special URL or saved as a picture on disk for future use.

    Of course, the choice of pictures is limited (although constantly replenished) and there are few settings, but this is just what beginners need - simplicity and clarity, right?

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