All About Feedburner

    For a long time I wanted to paint in detail the work with the Feedburner service , there were already a few notes:

    In the comments, they suggested that I write about it. And here is the article in front of you. I tried to collect all the most important and valuable.

    Briefly about Feedburner

    Feedburner is an RSS subscription management service. With the help of the service, you can see statistics on the audience of your blog and even make a profit (I have not yet known cases of using advertising from Feedburner in Runet - if anyone points out, I will be grateful).
    Some official statistics:
    • According to Nielsen / NetRatings, traffic to FeedBurner is growing more intensively than MySpace and Digg - traffic growth by 385% .
    • Total number of feeds: 883,827
    • Number of web publishers: 517,239
    • Number of Podcasts and Video Casts: 128,358

    You can watch a short video on how to launch your feed through Feedburner (although everything is easy and clear without videos): Show Me How to Burn a Feed (3:14, 4.6 MB, no audio).

    How are subscribers considered?

    Feedburner determines the approximate number of subscribers who open a feed within 24 hours. Consider the various types of feed readers and aggregators requesting feeds daily. Various robots are not taken into account.
    Both RSS and e-mail subscribers are considered.
    Update by konkoff (translation of Darren Rose's post):

    An interview article with Rick Klau (one of the vice presidents of FeedBurner) was published on the Darren blog and the question was: “Why do the numbers of subscribers“ float ”and even depend on the day of the week?”
    To this question, Klau answered as follows:
    When summing up the number of subscribers to the feed, we take into account the number of requests from feed readers of readers over the past day.
    Basically, the audience of subscribers can be divided into 2 groups:
    • users of RSS feed reader programs
    • readers using online readers.

    In the first case, we (FeedBurner) analyze reader requests for the frequency of accessing the tape in accordance with the IP address, which in principle can change.
    In the case of online readers My Yahoo, Google Reader, Bloglines, Pageflakes, etc. The situation is a little different. They constantly throughout the day, many times, remove the feed for readers. In this case, the services themselves come to the rescue, which provide information about their registered subscribers to RSS feeds.
    At the end of the day, the data is summarized and the number of subscribers / readers per day appears in the statistics.
    Fluctuations almost always occur due to users who use the computer in the “ON / OFF” mode. If their computer was turned off, then there were no requests to the tape, and therefore the “reader” is not counted.

    If you do not want someone to see the number of your subscribers, then this can be turned off:
    Publicize -> FeedCount -> Deactivate

    Feedburner Optimization

    For all RSS subscribers to go through Feedburner, you need to install the following plugin: FeedBurner Plugin v2.2.
    Supplement from samlowry :
    Now the plug is taken officially under the wing of the FB, now it can be found here . The recommendation for WP + FB is also written in the same manual : enable the Browser-Friendly Burner option (it is in the Optimize tab). I also included SmartFeed - it improves compatibility with a large number of feed readers.

    There is such a plugin for Drupal: (thanks for the link uniqman ).
    The subscription button should be visible very well. In addition, it is worth adding the “e-mail subscription” form.
    After purchasing the service by the search giant Google, two features immediately became free:
    • FeedBurner Stats PRO . Detailed statistics on your feed: who views which posts, where he clicks.
    • MyBrand . You can make the feed address like: instead of the standard

    I already use the first, and I plan to fasten the second.

    How to watch statistics

    Watch your statistics on your blog, and detailed in the admin panel Feedburner.

    But you can see other people's statistics, if FeedCount is not disabled. I used this technique to remove animation from some counters for rating .
    All counter pictures have an address like:

    The values ​​are as follows:
    • blogdimokru is my feed, for others enter their name (taken from the feed url: blogdimokru )
    • bg - background picture
    • fg - font color
    • anim - animation (0 - without animation, 1 - with animation)

    What did I forget?

    If I forgot something - please remind me, and I will supplement this article.

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