Help me find a convenient keyboard!

    For a long time and unsuccessfully trying, I can find a convenient keyboard for a home computer. Mainly for typing and programming.
    Requirements, in general, are not cosmic:

    * thin, like a laptop
    * but at the same time full-sized, with numpad and all other keys
    * 2 normal separate Insert and Delete keys, and not 1 large in their place (above the cursor keys)
    * convenient cursor keys, not compressed, without extra buttons between them
    * multimedia keys, the more the better. I reassign them to the necessary programs and actively use
    * no frills, like a wheel or a calculator
    * sane price
    * depending on the price, I will not refuse the presence of the absence of wires, i.e. radio or Bluetooth, but it’s very optional

    Actually, I want to give myself a gift for DR :-)

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