Apple bought CUPS

    Everyone knows that Mac OS X came from BSD. Therefore, software developed for * NIX systems can be easily ported to Mac OS X. Common UNIX Printing System (CUPS) - one of these applications - is built into Mac OS X, although you might not have suspected that, yes and not know about its existence at all.

    CUPS was written by Michael Sweet and released under a free, open source license. But according to Michael's July 11 entry on the CUPS website, the source code is no longer his property. In a short note it was written that Apple acquired the CUPS code and became its owner, and Sweet invited her to work. At the same time, CUPS will continue to be licensed under GPL2 / LGPL2.

    On the pageFrequently Asked Questions Sweet replies that he is now working on other projects, but he will still be developing and supporting CUPS.

    via Slashdot

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