HyperX on "Igromir": tons of prizes and quest in Telegram

    Hi, Giktayms! Ready for Igromiru? Good, evil, games and bonuses are just around the corner. We also prepared some extra amenities for gamers. The interactive quest includes a number of tasks that must be completed at the Igromir exhibition. In addition, visitors to the HyperX booth are waiting for numerous prize draws, gaming tournaments with the participation of e-sports stars and overclockers.

    Hunting for new items

    HyperX fans will have an unusual challenge. Anyone can go through the quest, where it will be necessary to find on the "Igromir" among the girls-cosplayers four characters, in the images of which the headsets of HyperX 2016 are "hidden". Each of them should be photographed, put pictures on your pages in FB, VK or Instagram with the hashtag #NewsHyperX2016, subscribe to the @HyperX_Russia channel in Telegram and follow the instructions of the bot @HyperX_bot.

    The winner will become the owner of the new top-end gaming headset HyperX, the world premiere of which will take place on the first day of the Igromir exhibition.

    Crazy discounts, game tournaments and overclockers shows

    Exclusive purchase conditions will be valid at the Igromir exhibition: only at stand A3, HyperX products (keyboards, headsets, SSDs, memory modules and floor mats) will be available with significant discounts from 15 to 30%.

    All days of the exhibition at the HyperX stand will be held game tournaments and matches with the participation of well-known pro-gamers: Daniel “Zeus” Teslenko and Sergey “Fox” Stolyarov . And Igor “sL4m” Sopov will add color by professional commenting on matches. Anyone can play with the stars and get their autograph. For enthusiasts and fans of overclocking an impressive nitrogen show is planned, as well as an exciting overclocking master class from Vladimir “Smoke” Georgiev .

    Speech by the Vice President of Kingston

    At the exhibition "Igromir" will be Vice-President of Kingston Technology Mark Liesem (Mark Leathem). He will talk about the new brands of HyperX and Kingston, as well as share exclusive information with journalists.

    The exhibition "Igromir" will be held from September 29 to October 2, 2016 in the Moscow exhibition center "Crocus Expo" (Pavilion No. 1). Stand HyperX A3 is located in hall number 4. We are waiting for you to visit!

    Thank you for your attention and stay with Kingston on Hiktatimes!
    We send the rays of good and every kind of respect to the readers and again reinforce it with the distribution of the brutally tough iron Kingston! At the end of October, we will give subscribers of our blog 3 cool sets of RAM:
    - DDR4 Fury - HX426C15FBK2 / 16
    - DDR4 Savage - HX428C14SBK2 / 16
    - Newly launched DDR4 Predator - HX433C16PB3K2 / 16

    Subscribe, it is possible that luck will smile at you;)

    And so that no one leaves offended, we give a 12% discount on all available DDR4 Predator models on the Yulmart network . Arm with a promotional code GEEKPR16 and have time to buy high-speed memory until December 31, 2016.

    For more information about Kingston and HyperX products, visit the company's official website . In choosing your kit HyperX help page with visual aids .

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