One useful rule for a new life

    How often did you tell yourself that “from tomorrow” you will begin a new life? Starting something new with “tomorrow” seems like a logical decision. Because "today" you can live as you want, and not how to "in a new way." You think that today will be preparing for tomorrow and it will be easier for you to start something. In the end, "today" is the day that has already begun, and it is better to start a "new life" from a new (tomorrow) day. All these arguments look logical and make you put off the “new life” for tomorrow.

    Forget about these arguments. Their logic is nothing before the truth. But the truth is that “tomorrow” you can not start anything. You may have an urgent matter tomorrow. Tomorrow you can decide to postpone the “new life” until the day after tomorrow. You can simply forget that you were going to do something. There is one useful rule that you need to learn.
    If you want to start a new life, start it today.
    This applies not only to big changes, but also to small undertakings. Want to run in the morning? Run a little today. And it doesn’t matter that morning has already passed - you look at the place where you will run, remember that you need sneakers or something else. And the probability that you will run tomorrow morning is much higher - because you have already started it!
    There is an important difference in relation to “tomorrow” and “today's” affairs. When you put off the business until tomorrow, you give it the status of “for execution”. This means that you will only begin (someday) to execute it, and you can postpone it for as long as you want. An unfinished business cannot be incomplete. When you start a business now, it acquires the status of “in process”. It can no longer be postponed, it can only be interrupted. It will become incomplete. And the attitude to unfinished business is completely different than to unfinished business. Incomplete business is a much bigger responsibility. Completing it is much more important than starting a new business. And this is another guarantee that you will continue the work that you started today (in contrast to the "tomorrow", which may not start).
    Conclusion? The conclusion is the same. If you decide to start a new life, start it today.

    PS In principle, it is suitable for any undertakings.
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