Mono Project Microsoft Silverlight implementation for UNIX - Moonlight

    People from the Mono Project have begun to implement Microsoft Silverlight technology for UNIX-based systems. The project is called Moonlight .
    For those who don’t know, Microsoft Silverlight is a new technology that allows you to use the great features of the .NET CLR and XAML with the WPF part in web browsers. The technology was originally designed as cross-platform (at the moment Microsoft supports browsers IE, Firefox, Opera and Safari on Windows and MacOS platforms). Now is the turn for UNIX. If the guys from Mono cope with the task (and I’m sure that they will cope, since they already have a ready implementation of the .NET CLR), then we will have almost completely portable Silverlight.
    In conclusion, I want to add that the frequent comparison of Silverlight with Flash in my opinion is not very true. Yes, Silverlight can be used for the same purposes as Flash, but this is a completely different field of berry. I would say that Silverlight is more like a modern lightweight analogue of Java-applets with support for advanced technologies for creating UI (WPF-like). I think the general trend that Silverlight creates is a soft “thickening” of the web client and avoiding the ugly JavaScript / AJAX / Flash technologies in my opinion.
    In conclusion, I would like to invite those interested in looking at a poster illustrating Silverlight technology.

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