ICQ on Gtalk

    I read articles and reviews on how to connect Gtalk to ace ...
    And I did it.

    ICQ on Gtalk

    Well, the point is that this is done thanks to Jabber.
    Two types of transport JIT and PyICQ-t are usually used.

    I chose PyICQ-t. At first I really tried JIT. But as it turned out (although they write that it is more stable) it is buggy. Those. even if a person online displays off ... well, at least crack ... anyway, it doesn’t work differently. The next problem with JIT is that it is not very functional. You will have to interrupt the contacts manually ... Moreover, each time you add, authorization is requested. Well, actually, except how to write there, nothing can be done.

    PyICQ-t turned out to be more interesting. User avatars are loaded there, all contact fields are visible, such as date of birth, nickname, and much more. A significant plus is that it automatically loads all the contacts, and you only have to fix the nicknames (because they are loaded in the form: number ICQ@server.ru for example). The main problem just happens in the server. Using the popular transport from udaff.com, I ran into the problem that not all contacts are displayed. Those. they were floating, as it were. Which most likely depends on user load.
    So choosing a server to use PyICQ-t is very important.

    I will not rewrite articles from neta that you can dig in Google. Just give links, read yourself.
    What can help you:
    www.jabber.org- all about Jabber, there is a list of free servers.
    www.blog.surkova.net/2006/04/20/plyusyi-i-minusyi-icq-v-gtalk - the pros and cons of ICQ on Gtalk. The text can be read, but with reservations, as It is written about using JIT.
    gluek.info/2006/04/16/how-to-chat-with-icq-contacts-in-google-talk - manual for configuration.
    there is still material on the internet, so google everything.

    What I used:
    1) Psi client for a bunch of contacts, as well as transport. (in my opinion it’s more convenient than Miranda, which I also tried to use)
    2) transport server from geeklife.ru

    Successfully communicate ...

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