How I bought Kolin i-Library EB683

    I bought for my birthday in Ozone kolin i-library . This is a device for reading electronic books. Almost omnivorous, reads .doc, .txt, .pdf, .rtf and its own .ebk format. In addition, you can even watch pictures on it, though in black and white, as if the picture was printed on an old printer. He also knows how to play mp3 files, and headphones are included. In short, just a book lover's dream. :)


    For a long time I wanted to buy a device only for reading books, because I love to read, and there is almost no space left for new books at home. :) And then there is the opportunity to first read a new work, and then buy only those books that you definitely want to re-read again. I was very happy with the purchase and thought that I had finally found what I wanted.
    I had several files with texts on my computer and the first I decided to rewrite the .txt file. The book is connected to the computer via the usb port. I had to torment a little before downloading the text, the program that comes with it is buggy and works poorly in Windows XP. Periodically hung. But finally, cheers! Victory! :) The book has been downloaded and can be read. The fonts on the screen are readable, but it is unfortunate that the screen is light green and the font is black, yet this is not the best option for trouble-free reading. Because of this, I thought for a long time to buy this i-library or Sony Reader PRS-500. But the prices were sooooo unequal that the choice was made in favor of a cheaper device. :)


    As it turned out, the choice was made in vain ... Further use of the device showed that in order to download a book you need sooo much and will suffer a lot:
    1. Each time you plug in the usb cable, you need to watch so that there are no other usb devices connected. My tablet connects until you disconnect it between the book and the computer will not.
    2. Each time connecting, Windows says that it has discovered a new device and requires the installation of the necessary drivers. After 3-4 connections, it starts to bother.
    3. The software that goes to this device ... There are no printed words to express how this program works: constant malfunctions, errors, freezes, if something is done, it is done very slowly.
    4. From the 10th time converting the desired text, when you try to download it into a book, the computer simply reboots, with all the ensuing consequences: checking the entire disk and pt.

    Of all my attempts to upload information, I was able to do this only 2 times (!). Each time I suffered before this for 40 minutes. In turn, trying to upload files of different formats.
    Once, when everything was ready for download without errors, the book simply said that it did not have enough memory for a file weighing 1.58 MB. This is despite the fact that there was not a single text in it, except for the download guide. :)
    After the first downloaded book, somewhere half of the download guide disappeared, one of 2 pages remained. I deliberately did not erase anything. Wonders?!

    Having suffered, I realized that I would have to continue to read paper books or electronic books on the laptop, and this device must be returned to the store, in order to keep my nerves in order. :)

    Think carefully before purchasing this not very cheap device.

    - convenient form and convenient buttons
    - large screen
    - support for different fonts
    - understands different formats
    - plays mp3
    - affordable price

    - font and screen color contrast are not optimal :(
    - very buggy software
    - not very convenient “cover”
    - device it doesn’t connect if any other USB devices are connected to your computer

    Official website

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