Homeless man disrupted Internet2

    Recently, in the “Runet’s quote-book” - bash.org.ru - a recent story appeared about how a network switch located in a transformer box floated in a rusty bucket. People enjoyed Web 2.0, sitting at their laptops with WiFi, and did not know that connectivity provides this same switch.

    Something similar happened in the United States, where a homeless tramp, unwittingly, disrupted the work of the experimental Internet2 network . The fire, which caused the interruptions, was caused by an unquenched cigarette, which the homeless smoked.

    According to Chris Robb, one of the employees of the Internet2 project, he said that Level 3 Communications cables passing over the Longfellow Bridge (known as the Salt and Pepper Bridge), connecting Boston and Cambridge, were affected. Engineers claim that it will take one to two days to eliminate the consequences of the fire.

    via Network World

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