OpenAjax standard will appear before the end of the year

    Currently, various Ajax libraries from different developers are not always compatible with each other. Although in each case the library uses recognized XML and JavaScript standards, the libraries are still incompatible with each other. When using them, conflicts arise between JavaScript objects, and sometimes the ability to embed a function in an Ajax application, for example, dragging an object with the mouse, disappears. The emergence of universally recognized Ajax standards should correct the situation. After the release of OpenAjax, various Ajax libraries can become compatible with each other and can be used together on one page.

    If the OpenAjax alliance achieves its goal and all libraries become compatible with each other, then Ajax technology itself will be more efficient and will become much more popular, like all Web 2.0 applications.

    The first version of the OpenAjax Hub will be released before the end of this year, and its integration into various developer packages is expected in early 2007, Infoworld reports .

    Support for the standard will be implemented in such developer packages as Dojo and, as well as in the Tibco General Interface and programs from Backbase, JackBe and Nexaweb. All these companies are members of the alliance or actively cooperate with it. Since its inception in February of this year, the number of members of the alliance has doubled. From the very beginning, it included 27 companies, including Adobe, Borland, Dojo Foundation, Google, IBM, Intel, Mozilla, Novell, Opera and Red Hat. Now they are joined by almost three dozen companies, including Sun. The only major player who is absent among partners is Microsoft Corporation. They sent her an invitation a long time ago and are now waiting for her to join the others, although this may not happen.

    Microsoft is one of the leading developers of Ajax tools. At the moment, she is preparing to release a set of programs under the general name Atlas . It would seem that for this company the creation of uniform standards is no less important than for all others. But Microsoft has already announced that it has no plans to join the OpenAjax alliance, although it is collaborating with its members.

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