Access to personal search engine via IM pager

    American startup Kozoru has launched a personal mobile search engine. Each user creates and configures his own search engine, and then gets access to it through a mobile phone or through an IM pager. The new service has the uncomplicated name BYOMS , which means "build your own mobile search", that is, "create your own mobile search."

    Personal search engines alone are not uncommon. Such services have been around for quite some time. For example, visitors to the Rollyo site or the Russian Personal News Searchhave the ability to specify a list of favorite websites for indexing. They then receive a unique URL to access their personal search engine and can search their favorite sites. Alternatively, you can open your search site for all to see.

    BYOMS developers are developing this idea and trying to make a personal search engine even more convenient. This service is extremely simple and straightforward. The user logs in, then compiles a list of resources for indexing (this can be a single website). At this stage, you can specify a number of parameters for the future search engine, for example, the appearance of the search results, etc. Then the sites are indexed, and the user gets access to the system through the AIM pager (only this instant communication system is supported). A new contact appears in the AIM contact list with which you can "chat". This is the search engine chat bot. It accepts search queries and returns search results. Since many mobile phones support the operation of IM pagers, you can even chat with this AIM chatbot from a mobile phone.

    Each chat bot in the contact list corresponds to one search engine. Thus, you can create several personal search engines - and they will correspond to several chat bots, for example, Music_Fan for searching music sites, Book_Resource for searching books, Find_Bazar for searching forums and blogs. If you want, the chatbot you created may be available to other AIM users as well.

    This is a really interesting idea. Indeed, for most users, ICQ is constantly active, and opening a chat window is faster and more convenient than launching a browser and loading a site. Thus. In many cases, it will be more convenient to start a site search through an IM pager, and then visit the page you need, than open a site specifically for this and start a search there. In fact, you can make search engines for each site that you regularly use - and add everyone to your contact list.

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