How to get NextGen Firewall yourself home absolutely free

    Hello! Today we will talk about how to get an enterprise class product with full functionality to your home absolutely free.
    For home, I use the following functions:

    • I filter the web traffic of home users (the modern Internet, even with legitimate use, can be insidious for home users);
    • I will organize a connection between the apartments and the cottage (this allows you to drive the multicast movie stream in 4K from the minidlna server via the VPN tunnel to the TV in another apartment (UpLinks of 100 Mbps each))
    • I protect the local Nextcloud server with WAF

    Interesting? Then welcome to cat.

    We are all aware that on our beloved Internet there are a lot of dangers for the average user. Many of us are faced with the fact that their households (children, parents, grandparents) pick up a different infection on their home computers, and then we, as “programmers”, have to clean all this rubbish with hot iron (format c :). Also, those who have home servers, sooner or later wondered about protecting them from “call hackers”, evil bots, hacking through exploits, etc. 99% of these problems can be preventively filtered even on the firewall, preventing, for example, mom from switching from Yandex search results to a bad site with a bunch of viruses, or seeing and blocking an attempt to exploit a well-known exploit in the old version of apache or a plugin in WordPress, if you don't have time update it on your home server,

    “And what kind of solution is it that covers all these problems?” - you ask, and I will answer - this is Sophos XG Firewall , please love and favor. Here is the product information and briefly about the vendor:

    Sophos was founded in 1985 in Oxford, UK. The company has more than 3300 employees. The company has development centers and offices around the world. It deals exclusively with products for providing comprehensive security at all levels of the network: the only one in the world that is the leader in quadrant gartner in several directions at once: UTM and antiviruses. 

    Sophos XG Firewall enterprise-level solution belongs to the NextGen Firewall (NGFW) class. The main difference from the classic Firewall is that the user is at the center of protection, not the protocols or ports, as in the classic Firewall.

    Functionality and license names:

    It is worth noting that the product already has full-fledged Web Application Firewall, antispam and flexible reporting for all modules.

    Do not be afraid of the word “license”. For commercial use, the product is indeed paid. But for home use, the product is completely free. “Where is the catch?” You ask. Everyone knows that we only have free cheese ... And here we come to the most interesting, to the limitations of the free home version, yes, of course, there are restrictions:

    • Do not put the home version for commercial use;
    • Cannot be put on a machine with more than 4 cores and 6 GB of RAM;
    • won't be able to use the sandbox.

    And that’s all, there are no more restrictions. Neither in terms of functionality, nor in the number of users, nor in the signature databases, nor for anything else. There are no more differences from the purchased product with FullGuard license. And there is no catch. Take and use.

    You do not believe? Then I propose to download and see for yourself. So what does this miracle product need to work?

    1. An iron server or virtual machine with no more than 4 cores and 6 GB of RAM (by the way, this is enough to provide security for more than 30 active users and not even sweat)
    2. At least 64 GB SSD
    3. At least 2 network interfaces (LAN and WAN)

    Supported virtualization platforms: 

    1. VMware
    2. Hyper v
    3. Kvm
    4. Citrix XenApp
    5. Microsoft azure

    For each of these platforms, there is already a pre-configured virtual machine with pre-installed tools and drivers for the hypervisor. 

    We proceed directly to the process of obtaining our home license. We will need any foreign VPN. All further actions must be performed from under the ip address of another country.

    First of all, you need to create a personal account on the Sophos website, from where we can subsequently download distributions, manage licenses, etc. You can do this very simply by following this link:
    An authorization window will open in front of you, we will need to click on the Create Sophos ID button:

    Next, fill in all the fields and click on Register

    Next, go to your mail, follow the link in the letter, create a password and log in to our new personal account. That's all, we created an account. 

    We go to the Sophos free products page at this link

    Scroll to the Sophos XG Firewall Home Edition section and click Download. On the next page, click on the Get Started button.

    Fill in the information about yourself:

    The main thing is that the email address you specify here matches the email address on which you registered your Sophos portal.

    After these steps, you will see this message about the successful request:

    On this page you can immediately download the Software version of XG. Click on the Download button, accept the license agreement and click on Submit. The download of the .iso image of the Sophos XG Firewall, which can be deployed on any x86 hardware, will begin.

    And a letter with a home license key for Sophos XG Firewall should come to the mail.

    If you need an image of a virtual machine, then we do the following:

    Go directly to the MySophos portal and log in under our account that we created earlier.

    Next, click on the left of the menu on Network Protection -> Download Installers and we get to the page where you can download both Software disk image and Sophos XG Firewall virtual machine images.

    Choose which version is right for your hypervisor.

    We click on the Download button and we see the page with the license agreement, we accept and press further, everything is similar to the Software version.

    As a result, we received an installation disk with the system and a license key with full functionality until 2999. 

    Then you can begin to solve your specific homework problems. You can start by reading the Getting Starting Guide for the Software version in English and Russian . Then go to the official documentation and an open knowledge base .

    Thank you for your time.

    If you have questions about the commercial version of XG Firewall, you can contact us - the companyFactor Group , Sophos Distributor. It is enough to write in free form to .

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