And the Lord commanded: "Interview and accept the offers"

    A true story based on fictional events.
    All coincidences are not accidental.
    All jokes are not funny.

    - Sergey, hello. My name is Bibi, my colleague is Bob and we are two ... team leaders, a very long time in the project, we know everything todo by heart and today we will talk about your knowledge and skills.
    It’s written in your CV that you are senior, work primarily with .NET, understand asynchronous and multithreaded programming, confidently know the basics of algorithms and data structures, and have experience in refactoring and designing large modules from scratch. And yet, you can’t help but ask this stupid question: briefly tell about yourself?
    - Hello, Bibi and Bob. I still work mainly with .NET, I understand asynchronous and multi-threaded programming, I am confident in the basics of algorithms and data structures, I have experience in both refactoring and designing large modules from scratch. This is briefly.
    - Thanks. Well, let's get started! To warm up something simpler: what trees do you know and how to get around them?
    - Oak, acacia, maple, cherry ... So immediately nothing more comes to mind. As for the tree traversal, the traversal can be made from different sides: left or right. I also know that you can climb a tree and that there are hollows in trees where squirrels sometimes live.
    - Good. Then such a question - what is the difference between passing an object by reference and its full copy?
    - The difference is that in the first case, the object is transmitted by reference, and in the second, it is completely copied.
    “What do you know about the counts?”
    - I deeply respect the work of Count Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy, as a child I was reading the book “Count Monte Cristo”. And who doesn’t know Count Dracula ?!
    - What is “SOLID”?
    - “Solid”, less often - “solid”. It depends on the context, of course.
    - How does the garbage collector work?
    “I know that too.” A typical garbage collector is dressed in a bright orange jumpsuit and safety shoes. It works mainly at night - on a garbage truck. The main task of the garbage collector is to transfer the contents of the garbage bins to the body of the garbage truck, being careful not to spill fetid garbage on the road. Summing up, we can say that the importance of garbage collectors is underestimated by our society, and yet their work is as valuable as the work of teachers and bakers!
    - And the last stupid question for today: suppose we have a spherical horse that can walk on its hind legs like a man. The horse has a execution context tied to the current space-time continuum. It is necessary to implement a pool of such horses with the ability to unleash military conflicts in the Middle East. How would you do it for O (n * log (n))?
    “Hm ... for starters, I would have given up value judgments.” I would finally realize that no pool of spherical horses exists - and the very formulation of the question would lose all meaning. I myself would simultaneously become this horse, and the pool of such horses, and the Middle East. For the Merged With the Eternal, O (n * log (n)) is completely indistinguishable from O (n ^ n).
    - Thank you, Sergey. We will call you back.
    - That's really true: not at all. No need to call back.

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