WWDC 2019 :: what to see

    At WWDC 2019, Apple showed off one of the best Keynote presentations in the last few years. But this is only the beginning. We are waiting for more than 100 sessions from Apple engineers. I have put together reports on the list that I think will be useful to most iOS developers. If you do not know what to undertake, then try to start with them.

    Please note that not all reports are available yet. You can watch them either live (Moscow time), or a couple of days after the broadcast. Check the time with the official schedule , as it may change.

    What's New in Swift

    Those who do not follow Swift Evolution will be interested to hear what's new in Swift 5.0 and 5.1.

    Xcode 11

    The new version of the IDE for developers under the Apple OS. Comes with Swift 5.1, support for Swift Packages, new debugging and testing features.


    I have long dreamed of a new UIKit on Swift and without bugs, but Apple introduced something else. A declarative framework for creating an application interface in a couple of lines of code. It works on all apple systems, including watches. Fantasy! But will it be possible to use it for an application that is more complex than Hello World?

    Project catalyst

    We officially heard about the Marzipan project last year. In this, Apple kept its promise and enabled all iOS developers to port iPad applications to macOS. Now it is called Project Catalyst . You won’t need to learn AppKit. It is enough to check the settings, remove calls to frameworks not available on macOS, add desktop-specific functions, and that’s all.

    Implementing Dark Mode on iOS

    Wednesday, June 5, 20:00

    The dark theme expected by many has finally reached iOS. In this video you will learn how to implement it in your application.

    Modernizing Your UI for iOS 13

    Thursday, June 6, 03:00 a.m.

    This report will tell you how to prepare your application for the arrival of iOS 13. Do not forget that the release will be in the fall, and it is better to prepare for it in advance.


    Reactive programming from Apple! We RxSwift did not take root, but to see what happened with Apple - interesting.

    In-App Purchases and Using Server-to-Server Notifications

    friday, june 7, 21:00

    What's new in in-app purchases - learn in this video.


    What's New in Core Location , Wednesday, June 5, 7:00
    p.m. What’s New in MapKit and MapKit JS , Friday, June 7, 03:00 a.m.

    Apple has added new features to Core Location and MapKit. For example, a user can now give access to geolocation only once. If your application uses navigation, watch these videos to avoid problems.

    Introducing Sign In with Apple , Wednesday June 5, 7:00 p.m.

    Support for authorization through Apple will be required for all applications that support authorization through other third-party services, such as Google or Facebook. Sign in with Apple will work on the web. Tell your fellow web developers about this great feature.

    You can watch the rest of the videos on the official website , in the official iOS application or in the unofficial macOS application .

    Xcode 11 beta and new versions of operating systems are already available for developers. You can install the new Xcode on Mojave next to the main version. But in order to test porting applications on macOS and generating UI from code in real time, you have to install Catalina.

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