Git is cool! Your cap

    This, perhaps, will be my shortest article. Moreover, the idea itself is obvious.

    Often in WEB projects there are tasks of delivering statics to prod outside releases . For example, you need to upload files for SPA with marketing information: current commissions, fresh FAQ, etc.

    We generated such files from the admin panel. Then they spilled rsync-com on the nodes. The disadvantages of such a lot of solutions. Organization of logging and control of access rights are some of the most serious.

    Once an idea came up to use git to deliver marketing statics to products. Those. files are also generated in the admin area, then they are automatically committed to the user who generated them and are pushed into a separate marketing turnip.

    And then, the familiar magic of CI / CD git works.

    Moreover, now we have access to profits that we did not even think about - automatic control of the actual execution of tasks by marketing through the integration of Jira and gitlab.

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