Cryptocurrency Colony

    “There you are, Meir.” Well, did you find out when there will be a mating flight?

    An ant named Yafit did not find a place for himself, since he did not understand how much time he still needed to please the largest number of females.

    “Not really, one of the Queen’s guards said that we ourselves will understand when it all starts.”

    - Meir spoke in an abstract and rather calm tone, as if he did not care about this question at all.

    “Is that all?” Is that all she said? Yes, as much as possible already, they seem to mock us. They got to keep in constant ignorance. Seriously, Meir, these working females do not consider us ants at all, they behave arrogantly and probably perceive us as some kind of raw material, as if we were twigs or food.

    - Calm down, Yafit. Do you really care what they think of you?

    - Yes, I do not care about these barren females. Only our girls are important to me. How good they are. Have you seen their wings? They are wonderful. It seems to me that these wings are the most beautiful thing in the world. My life will be meaningless if I get only a couple of leaves from this tree. Do you understand?

    Meir was still in thought, and he hardly heard the words of his interlocutor. He treated Yafit well, but his words sounded like the same hackneyed record that sounds from every guy in the colony. He was already used to not focusing on all these conversations about females, praising their wings and so on. Yafita was distinguished only by the fact that it was possible to talk with him about anything else.

    “Hey Meir, are you even here?”

    “Yes, yes, I am here,” he answered, all the same detached.

    - What are you thinking about? You look like you saw a bird.

    “Yes ... I’m trying to realize everything I’ve learned lately.”

    - And what is it? You don’t finish something to me?

    “Where to start ... well, when I went to ask about the mating season, as you requested, I managed to eavesdrop on the conversation of the queen with some other females ...

    - You saw her?” The guys say that few people are familiar with her - with his inherent temper, Yafit continued to chatter.

    “No, I haven't seen her ... In general, it seems to me that our queen is a little crazy.”

    - In terms of? - Yafit was even outraged by such impudence towards the queen.

    “She calls everyone strange.” I call myself blockchain, girls either as investors or users, I still do not understand. And he calls us ... ICO. What is this all about?

    - I do not know this. But I'm sure that I will be the best ICO in the world. Colonies need the same active and aggressive ants as I do. And it will be a bunch of lazy people, there will be no one to equip and protect the house.

    “Why are you so sure that what matters to you is what?” Maybe we all will participate in the marriage flight?

    - Meir-Meir, do not make me laugh. Of course, maybe we all will fly together, but the girls are not so stupid as to pay attention to everyone in a row. They will choose only worthy ones like me. Look how many unremarkable guys are in our colony. After all, they are no different from each other. Sometimes I don’t even understand how they are still alive. Not that you and I are. We are the foundation of the colony and future generations.

    “I don’t want to upset you, but actually the basis of the colony is working females.” Without them, there would be no our home, there would be no infrastructure, there would not be all of these paths that we walk along; no one would bring food and feed the queen; no one would care for baby ants; no one would defend our colony from other ants and other creatures - they all do this. We only use the fruits of their labors.

    “Yes, but without us there will be no new ants.” We are interested in girls. We, not all of these workers. Somehow I even pretended to be one of them to make sure of this. I tried to imitate the work, but our winged beauties did not even look in my direction. Therefore, I am sure that only thanks to us will the colony become stronger.

    “Why don't you say how the others reacted?” - Meir wanted to return a friend to the ground. - Yafit, everyone laughed at you and your attempts to be like someone. More precisely, in the beginning they laughed, and then they didn’t let us do ... something that you tried to do there.

    - I thought to take the pebble - Yafit offended corrected the interlocutor and was clearly not happy with such an attitude.

    - No, you are well done, really well done. At least you tried, though pursuing your own goals.

    Meir did not want to upset Yafit, but only to remove the crown from his head, which in itself was a little nourishing. Meir decided to take a short pause so that Yafit cooled slightly. But then he decided to continue, as he felt that since he had begun to talk about all this, he needed to finish the job to the end.

    “There is one more thing ...” Meir began hesitantly, as if he wanted to prepare a friend for something more unpleasant.

    - What else? Anything else overheard from the queen's words? Or will you again protect your dear friends who do not care about your attitude towards them?

    “Yes, I’m not defending ...” Meir became thoughtful and realized that he was not obliged to make excuses and continued his initial thought. - In short, I spoke with one of the foragers. Well, you understand, one of those who carry food to babies ...

    “Well, so what, how quickly did she send you so as not to interfere?” - Yafit did not even try to hide the causticity of his words.

    - Not the point ... In general, I wanted to ask her why the workers have such a dismissive attitude towards us, to the ICO, to the males, call it what you want.

    - Yes, they are barren because, that’s raging, it’s business. - Yafit did not let up.
    Meir tried not to pay attention to this impudent attack and told the story, as if nothing had happened.

    “She said that we are guests to them.” They come, do their “guest” business and leave. And that’s all. They don’t stay in the house, you don’t need to take care of them. The main thing is to behave normally at a party.

    - Some kind of turbidity ...

    - That's not all. I asked her how they feel about the queen and whether everything is okay with her. Do you know what she answered?

    - What?

    “That the queen is not the main one, although everyone probably thinks the opposite, as you and I do.”

    - How is it not the main thing? She is a queen, without her our colony and all these ants would not exist. - Yafita's indignation rose a couple more degrees.

    “She said that managing the colony is actually in the hands of working ants.” They treat the queen as a milking aphid, which maintains the size of the colony, and therefore constantly provide her with food and protection.

    - What makes you think that all that this forager said is true? Maybe she is mocking you and laughing right now somewhere. Meir, don't be so naive. Anyway, even if it’s true, why would she tell all this, especially to you?

    “A marriage flight ...” Meir answered in frustration.

    - What is mating flight? - notes of fear appeared in Yafit's words.

    “I feel that there isn’t much time left before the flight, so she told me.”

    - I still do not understand what the mating flight has to do with it.

    Meir hesitated a little, not knowing how to say it better.

    - Okay, how do you think the mating flight will take place?

    - It's easy. We will fly with the girls and hang out with them. I think each of us would like to visit with the largest number of winged beauties ...

    - Well, then what?

    “Um ... I don’t know, I was only thinking about the mating season.” Probably continue to hang out with the girls.

    - Yes, we will die later, Yafit.

    Meir felt that he could no longer soften the blow from his words, so he decided that it was better to say as is. Yafit was numb and did not understand how to react to him.

    - How do we die? We are only a couple of weeks old. The rest of the ants are already several months or even years old, and the Queen is even more.

    “These are all working ants, Yafit.” Tell me, have you seen at least one peasant ant that lived a couple of years? At least one guy who returned from a marriage flight and told how everything went so cool? I think not, I have not seen. I also did not see or hear about them. Do you know why? I think because they do not exist. After the mating season, we will no longer be needed. To nobody. Not to these girls-investor-users, because after they get everything they need from us, they will fly away. We do not need colonies either, because we are not workers, we are drones. We do not bring anything new to the colony, but only use what we have. And by ourselves we won’t survive, understand?

    Fear enveloped Yafita even more. He began to recall all the males that he had met in his entire short life and there really was not a single old man among them. Is Meir right, and after the wonderful moment that he has been waiting for so long, such a sad end will follow? He did not want to believe it, but he saw that a friend was not joking and was in a broken state from such news. Should I thank the forager for revealing the truth to them, which they themselves would eventually come to, or hate and be angry with her? Yafit did not know.

    - What do we do? Do not fly on a mating flight? - finally could say Yafit.

    - I don’t know ... I think we should fly. What else remains? We don’t know anything else. Let's do our “guest” business and leave. Maybe we will be so good that we will again be invited to visit. We will see. We can only be sure that the next generation that we will breed will be better and live longer.

    - Yes, I think you're right ... Well, have fun last?

    - flew.

    Note of Uncertain Importance: I am not an ant specialist. Basically, here are presented patterns of behavior that are inherent in ants, but a couple relate only to the crypto world. I only hope that my crazy metaphors are understandable.

    And one more thing: they warned me that the style of hud.lit is not really held in high esteem on Habré, as is the theme of crypto. It was interesting to combine these things and verify this statement.

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