Reports from DevFest SPB 2018

    Long-awaited records of reports from the last St. Petersburg DevFest 2018. Inside there is a lot about Android, a lot about the Web and something else.

    "Found. Had seen. Gash "

    Konstantin Tskhovrebov terrakok , senior Android developer at Redmadrobot SPb.

    - I was impressed by the new MotionLayout from Google IO. I decided to study it in battle and tell about the results of use.

    Kotlin-friendly Annotation Processing

    Sergey Ryabov, independent Android developer and consultant.

    Breaking news: A web performance story

    Laura Morinigo, Senior developer at the Financial Times.

    "Big A: from the love of hate and back"

    Ilya Klimov, Executive Director in Javascript.Ninja.

    “Once upon a time Swift”

    Alexander Babayev bealex , CTO at Redmadrobot SPb.

    - In the report I will tell you about individual parts of Swift: what is interesting there, where is the rake and what to do in order to know the language better.

    Delivering Fast and Beautiful Images and Video

    Doug Sillars, Freelance Performance Engineer.

    "Dart: The Second Coming"

    Evgeni Kot, team leader in Wrike.

    "How we accelerate Yandex for Android"

    Artur Vasilov, Android developer at Yandex.

    “Support for offline in the mobile application. Synchronization"

    Ruslan Kalbaev, Android developer at Redmadrobot SPb.

    - This is a nontrivial task, the solution of which takes the application to a new level. In the report I will show the problem in the theory and one of its practical solutions.

    Multiplayer Games with WebXR

    Tanay Pant, Engineering Communications Manager at Research Gate

    D8 / R8 vs DX / Proguard

    Alexander Efremenkov, Android client security developer at Yandex.Taxi.

    "Practical experience of combining two applications"

    Evgeny Shishkin, Android developer at Aviasales.

    Thanks for the photo Artur Vasilov.

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