BioLite offers an environmentally friendly source of electricity

    For a long time, mankind has been interested in the issue of environmental pollution and the search for alternative sources of nutrition. BioLite has managed to combine these two aspects in one device - BioLite Campstove.

    BioLite company develops and manufactures advanced energy-efficient products that will allow you to combine two of the most necessary things on a trip - cooking and charging your mobile device. Behind this device is a 50-year history of development and more than 30 unique patents. The products of this company are used in many countries of the world, including those supplied as humanitarian aid for people affected by natural disasters. The products of this company can save up to $ 47 million for the whole world - this is how much the amount of fuel consumed for generators and light sources in places without access to electricity.

    The principle of operation is the conversion of thermal energy into electricity, but what is most interesting, these devices do not work on liquid fuel or gas, but on wood and organic biomass (foliage, cones, etc.). You can forget about generators and additional fuel, you no longer need to carry explosive camping gas cylinders and bulky gas furnaces. Fuel for your camping stove can be found under your feet. And you will never be left without a connection due to a discharged mobile battery.
    I think that everyone can find a use for these devices. You can take them with you on a camping trip, fishing and just to a country house (after all, often there is no electricity in country houses).

    Let's look at the device in more detail.

    Biolite Campstove.

    This is a unique portable camping burner with the ability to charge your mobile device. It is compact and of high quality materials, the weight of this device is less than a kilogram, which makes it easy to take it with you. The principle of operation is very simple. The device consists of two parts - a burner and a module for converting thermal energy into electricity. At the output, we get an electric current of 2-4W, 5V. This is enough to charge most mobile devices. Below are its more detailed specifications.

    • Fuel: organic biomass (branches, leaves, cones, bark, small pieces of wood)
    • Power output per USB port: max. continuous: 2W @ 5V, peak: 4W @ 5V
    • Compatibility: the main part of mobile devices capable of charging from USB
    • Charging time for a device with a 1450 mAh battery: 20 minutes of charging provides 60 minutes of talk time. Time depends on the power of fire
    • Boiling water: 4.5 minutes per 1 liter of water. Time depends on the power of fire
    • Fuel: 46 grams of wood per boiling 1 liter of water
    • Main body: anodized aluminum
    • Energy distribution: due to the built-in microprocessor, which distributes electricity to the USB port and fan
    • The device is easily packaged by placing the power supply in the furnace body
    • Folded Size: 21 x 13 cm
    • Weight: 935 g

    BioLite CampStove stove
    Metal stand for kettle or pot
    Thermoelectric generator
    USB cable
    Special composition for ignition
    User manual.

    BioLite Portable Grill

    This is an optional grill mounted on CampStove. Thanks to this model, you get a wide surface for cooking products on the grill. The grill itself is equipped with additional legs for convenient and rigid installation. Also, the design of this device allows you to easily load fuel into the burner, without dismantling the grill. The material is anodized aluminum with seamless welding. Due to its small size and weight, you can always enjoy aromatic dishes in nature.

    Area for cooking: 356 sq. M. cm
    Dimensions: 24.1 x 30.5 x 26.7 cm
    Weight: 875 g

    Pack including:
    BioLite Portable Grill
    Protective cover for grill
    User Manual

    BioLite KettlePot

    This is a special CampStove burner kettle. Its main advantage is its low weight - 465 grams with a usable volume of 1.5 liters. The case is made of steel alloy with anodized coating, which ensures its greater reliability. Special fasteners make it easy to place it on a hiking backpack. Also, this kettle can easily serve as a container for carrying the CampStove burner that fits comfortably into it.

    Dimensions 13.2 x 20.9 cm
    Weight 465 grams
    Volume of the container 1.5 liters
    Number of servings 2-4

    Lid for the kettle
    Camping bowl
    Cloth cover.

    BioLite BaseCamp

    This device is a fairly compact tourist stove, which is perfect for camping or a country house. It is quite heavy - 8 kg and it will be difficult to take it with you on long trips, but if you have a car, you can easily use it on picnics, besides, unlike a regular grill, you will not need additional accessories for cooking, because besides the possibility cooking on fire with this unit comes with a grill grill. The model is equipped with a built-in 2200 mA * h battery, the power of the generated current is 5 W, which will allow you to charge the device, turn on additional lighting sources, listen to the radio or watch a portable TV. BioLite FlexLight, a compact LED lamp on a flexible leg with a luminous flux of 100 Lm, is supplied with the device. It can be connected to a USB connector for convenient cooking in the dark. The inner part of the furnace is made of cast iron, the external finish is made of steel and heat-resistant plastic, which ensures its high reliability, the soldering of the grate is made by a seamless method, the loading of firewood is carried out through the lower pallet.

    BioLite BaseCamp

    Type: grill stove
    Battery: lithium-ion
    Battery capacity: 2200 mAh •
    Power: 5 W
    Built-in port: USB
    Hob diameter: 33 cm
    Grill area: 350 sq. Cm
    Height: 58 cm
    Weight: 8.16

    BioLite FlexLight
    Type: portable lamp
    Yes Luminous flux: 100 Lm
    Connectors: USB, 1.25 W (5 V, 0.25 A)
    Material: Plastic
    Length: 40.64 cm
    Weight: 51.03 g

    Pack including:
    BioLite BaseCamp
    BioLite FlexLight
    means firing
    tray Ash tray

    BioLite NanoGrid

    This model is a universal portable lighting system, which also serves as a charger for mobile. It consists of two PowerLight and SiteLigh blocks, the first combines a flashlight, a lighting device and a powerful battery that can be used to charge mobile devices. The battery lasts for 8 hours. SiteLight is a compact lighting fixture that can be connected in a line up to 12 meters (4 devices are connected in series), which allows you to conveniently illuminate a wide area. This garland lasts up to 4 hours when connected to a PowerLight device. These devices can be purchased separately, they are also freely connected to CampStove and BaseCamp models.

    1. PowerLight

    Type: portable lamp
    Battery: Li-Ion 4400 mAh
    Luminous flux: 250 Lm
    Operating time: 7 hours
    Connectors: USB, 2.5 mm
    Material: plastic
    Dimensions: 5.64 x 13.39 x 2.92 cm
    Weight: 210 g

    2. SiteLight

    Type: portable lamp
    Luminous flux: 50 Lm
    Power connector: 2.5 mm
    Adjustable brightness level: yes
    Material: plastic
    Dimensions: 6.48 x 2.69 x 6.48 mm
    Weight: 52 g

    BioLite KettleCharge

    What should I do if I don’t have electricity and a generator on hand and I need to charge my mobile urgently? You can use this device. It is a portable kettle (750ml) with the ability to charge a mobile device. The principle of its operation is the same as that of a Campstove heat generator, but electricity is generated here by heating the device itself during boiling water. The device is compact, able to charge a mobile device and can make tea. I think he can replace many devices in a campaign.

    Type: kettle with charging function
    Battery capacity: 1250 mAh
    Power: 10 W
    Material: stainless steel, aluminum, high-temperature plastic
    Volume: 750 ml
    Dimensions: 7.4 x 18.6 cm
    Weight: 907 g

    What's in the box: Kettle
    instruction USB cable

    Biolite carry pack

    Case made of durable material for transporting BioLite BaseCamp. With it, you can not only conveniently carry the camp stove itself, but also go into the woods with your own wood, as the bag has a pocket specially for them.

    Type: Case
    Compatibility: BioLite BaseCamp
    Side pockets: yes
    Adjustable strap: yes
    Water resistance: is
    protection from dust, dirt: is
    on canvas, nylon, metal
    weight: 567 g

    You and I examined the entire BioLite product line, to be honest, as a fishing enthusiast, it would be very convenient for me to take the portable version with me, since with the right body kit it removes the need to carry a bunch of unnecessary things. But BaseCamp for hiking is not suitable, even in a convenient case, since +8 kilograms of weight seems to be tolerable only the first kilometer of the road. But still, the ability to conveniently arrange parking, charge the phone, install lighting, cook with one device, while not carrying gas or gasoline (carbon monoxide from which is far from safe) is very useful.

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