The Anti-Collector app permanently removed from Google Play

    imageAnother turn in the history of the popular application for filtering calls of collection agencies.

    On the second attempt, the Anti-Collector application is permanently removed from Google Play. The first time he was removed for the "wrong collection" of donations. Moreover, the application then disappeared from the phones of users who have already installed it. After that, the application reappeared and became paid.

    However, even in this form, the “Anti-Collector” did not manage to exist for a long time. The developer account was blocked during the repeated removal of the application. Google (ping: Developers_Relations ) does not comment on the reasons for removing individual applications from the Play Store.

    The author of the program, Yevgeny Pyatkovsky, plans to sue Google and thereby achieve the restoration of the “Anti-Collector” on Google Play. While Pyatkovsky’s Google Play account wasn’t working, he published Antikollektor in the Yandex.Store store for Android, making it free.

    Attention , beware of fakes:
    Version of the creator of the anti-collector:

    The Identifier and Anti-Collector application has appeared, which collects information about the location, calls, correspondence, and a bunch of other people who installed it.
    I think that this application was created by collectors to track people, but this application, oddly enough, does not violate Google’s rules.

    However, smirik contacted me , introducing myself as an official representative of NumBuster, and reported the following:
    I am a CTO project of NumBuster. I can assure you that:
    - we are in no way connected with the collectors. Moreover, we are for the right of every person to limit his contacts with undesirable persons;
    - we do not store personal information on our servers, only communications and social information (likes, dislikes, comments);
    - no information about calls is transmitted at all for privacy reasons;
    - user profiles in Nambaster can only be viewed by those who know the numbers;

    The app has been around for over 1.5 years. We strictly monitor privacy and try to save it as much as possible.

    We renamed the application at the peak of history with the Anti-Collector so that our application is searched better. Some analogue of SEO, but at the same time everything that is written in the title is inside the application. After renaming, we received several thousand additional downloads.

    By the way, in the description of the application from the beginning of 2014 there were the words “Anti-collector”, “Qualifier”, “Black List”, etc. In fact, only the name was changed, the description remained unchanged.

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