ReactOS 0.4.8: We lured Dr. Watson

    Hello, Habr! At the height of the battle of the dough with evil , we announce the release of the next version of our operating system. Coincidence? Do not think!

    In this issue - support for new APIs, the return of Dr. Watson, bugs with fantastic stories.

    Download installation images | Press release | Changelog | TL; DR | Tests and a list of regressions

    So, let's start with the main thing! It was in release 0.4.8 that the experimentalthe ability to run applications written for the NT6 + platform (Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10). Support is implemented by further developing a special layer to ensure compatibility and make additional changes to Kernel32, NTDLL and LDR, including the mechanism of spoofing the root manifest and masking the accessibility of the API. Of course, you are unlikely to run fancy programs, but the list of supported applications has expanded significantly!

    And we also want to reveal a little big secret that in the near future (we hope) the project will begin production of workable 64-bit assemblies of the operating system.


    From this moment on, a tool similar to DrWatson32 is included in the distribution package., which allows, in case of an application crash, to save the status log file to the desktop. The log displays data useful for diagnosing critical errors, for example, lists of loaded modules and threads, stack traces, dumps and information about the status of registers. This will make it easier for testers to send bug reports of critical application crashes.


    Pierre Schweitzer fixed several problems in the Common Cache cache management system (one of the detected and fixed bugs was introduced already 17 years ago) and the Freeloader bootloader, which again allowed loading on systems with 96 Mb RAM.
    Also in the cache management system, Pierre has added support for Read Ahead and Lazy Writing.

    Initialization problems were resolved in some games, manifested when using native graphics drivers. Also eliminated color distortion in applications using DirectX.


    Virtual CD-ROM and floppy drive drivers have been added to the base package. And finally, the problems that prevented ReactOS from loading on very old hardware and in virtual machines with an empty floppy drive connected were fixed .

    The CDFS driver (CD – ROM file system) was replaced with the original implementation from Microsoft, the code of which was open under the MS – PL license. During the review, a unique case occurred - ReactOS developers found an error in the Microsoft code and sent a fix. ReactOS code will now be in Microsoft code .

    Added a new NTFS driver with initial write support (write support is still unfinished, but can be enabled through the registry for testing). The development of this driver was also started by Pierre Schweitzer, and the recording functionality was created by Trevor Thompson during the two summer seasons of GSoC 2016 and 2017 .

    Various Explorer shell improvements have been made - auto-hiding and locking the taskbar, notifications of the system tray, monitoring of icons of active applications in the system tray, debugging operations for deleting and renaming folders, highlighting many files on the desktop.

    As usual, it was synchronized with the new Wine 3.0 codebase and updated versions of third-party components: Freetype 2.9, Ext2 0.69, uniata v0.46e5, libxml2 2.9.7, libmpg123 1.25.8, libtiff 4.0.9, libxslt 1.1.32, libjpeg 9c, libpng 1.6.34.

    A few screenshots from Twitter:
    1. Perfectionist orgasm

    2. Running on real hardware

    3. Японский опыт и Otter-браузер

    На закуску, Вадим Галянт подготовил экспериментальные сборки дистрибутивов с обновленным USB–стеком.

    Ждем ваших впечатлений и баг-репортов, друзья! Также не забывайте, что вы можете помочь проекту, просто поставив ему звездочку на гитхабе!

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