[St. Petersburg, announcement] SpbDotNet # 30 - reports on telemetry of .NET microservices and code analyzers ReSharper and Roslyn

    On Friday, April 20 at 19:00 in St. Petersburg will host the thirtieth meeting of SpbDotNet.

    The program includes reports from Kontur, the largest .NET product developer in Russia. You will hear reports on the correct collection of telemetry from .NET microservices, as well as on the use of code analyzers in application development. You will also find out who gets 4 tickets for the DotNext conference, 2 licenses from JetBrains and other gifts from SpbDotNet friends. Mitap will be held at the site of Selectel.

    Topics and abstracts of reports:

    Alexey Kirpichnikov, Kontur:
    Vostok - correct telemetry for microservices on .NET

    The circuit lays out in open source tools that it uses for the operation of .NET microservices. In the talk, we’ll talk about telemetry: a centralized collection of metrics, logs and distributed traces. Alexey will share ideas and code that allows you to exploit thousands of microservices written by hundreds of developers in dozens of Contour product teams.

    The report will be useful to developers of applications with microservice architecture on the .NET platform, who understand how important it is to monitor applications in production through centralized collection of metrics, aggregation of logs and distributed traces of network calls.

    About the speaker: Graduate of the Ural State University Matmakh. Since 2014, he has been implementing DevOps practices in the circuit. Areas of professional interest: monitoring, deployment, cloud hosting for the .NET platform. He speaks at conferences DUMP (Yekaterinburg), CodeFest (Novosibirsk) with stories about how the production of microservices in the circuit works. He reads popular reports on mathematics (for example, on weakly completely antisymmetric tenth order quasigroups or random numbers ).

    Igor Mamay, Kontur:
    Code analyzers and their benefits for application development

    We use code analyzers every day - for example, run the Roslyn compiler, which generates errors and warnings, or set up rules for linters that capture team practices and understandings. However, there are many other ways to benefit from code analyzers in everyday work. Igor will compare the analyzers with the software API (Roslyn and ReSharper) and tell what tasks they use in his team to solve them - 60 people in 3 cities: Yekaterinburg, Izhevsk, St. Petersburg.

    The report will be useful to developers who want to do a lot of routine refactoring, migrate from one technology to another, or teach IDE new tricks to comfortably follow the general style of writing code in a team.

    About the speaker: Igor works in a team that does billing for Contour products. It is a microservice system with horizontally scalable architecture. Three dozen services are written in C # and interact with MS SQL Server, Apache Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Apache ZooKeeper. Igor is interested in developing the C # language; in his free time he writes plugins for ReSharper.

    Participation in the meeting is free, but you need to register.
    Please note that the entrance to the site will be strictly according to passports.

    Register on Timepad . Mitap SpbDotNet April 20 at 19:00.

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