Telegram Lock - Getting Ready for the Worst?

    As you know, yesterday Roskomnadzor asked the court to block Telegram. You must understand that the games are over and the messenger will be blocked with a very high degree of probability. The case itself was instituted at the suit of Roskomnadzor, and Judge Smolin, Yu.M. already managed to hold a preparatory hearing in the Tagansky court of Moscow. There were no lawyers from Telegram at the meeting. Someone says that Durov himself ordered not to appear for trial, but it may well be that the experts simply did not have time to prepare. For everything about everything, they had only a few hours and it is clear that no one would have time to arrange everything at once.

    Today, April 13, at 10 o’clock the consideration of the claim on the merits will take place. Cabinet 301, Tagansky District Court - everyone can come. Knowing Roskomnadzor, you can be sure that the agency will insist on blocking the messenger and that this will happen sooner or later (or not?). But it’s worth preparing in advance.

    Lock bypass

    Actually, it’s a little strange to write on Habré about how you can get around blocking the messenger in the Russian Federation, but just in case, we’ll point out a few interesting points.


    In 2017, the Telegram management added the ability to bypass almost any blocking using proxies sharpened to work on the SOCKS5 protocol to its messenger.


    One of them is a VPN, a list of which can be viewed on the Roskomsvoboda website (specialists of the organization have long predicted something like this). Their project provides a list of VPN services, which, according to Roskomsvoboda, “meet the requirements for reliability and security when using the Internet.” The list of available indicates the services that are used by IT human rights defenders and ordinary users around the world.

    The most famous VPN clients for the desktop are systems such as TunnelBear, FreeOpenVPN, CyberGhost, Hola. Some customers are paid (well, what to do), the price of services, such as HotSpot Shield, Mullvad, Zenmate, IPVanish VPN, NordVPN, starts at five dollars a month.

    For mobile devices, the universal applications Opera VPN, Onavo Protect, CyberGhost, VyprVPN, Nord VPN, Express VPN are recommended.

    And one more solution

    We understand that Habr is the place where developers hang out, so we recommend our own solution. It appeared back in 2017, as it was clear that problems with site blocking would not resolve themselves.

    This is an iNinja extension, which so far only works under Chrome. It allows you to access all blocked resources. Telegram is not an exception, the connection function via the SOCKS5 protocol has been added to the extension .

    The extension is installed as usual, from the directory, there is nothing new. Voila - everything is already installed. You also need to install an add-on for iNinja, it also takes a minute, no more.

    Well, after that, everything is ready.

    You can choose the closest proxy server and work in any application. As soon as the “hour X” for Telegram arrives, everything is simple - click “Use in another application” => “Use in Telegram” => open the installed TG and everything, we communicate.

    Telegram has been added to the extension functionality recently, but everything works, it is checked. The developers promise to improve and improve the expansion. If there are suggestions, criticism, wishes, then developers can be contacted on the iNinja channel in the same Telegram .

    I would like to hope, of course, that after the end of the trial this morning we will not need to bypass the locks, but who knows.

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