Your first mobile app: choose a platform

    The e-Legion Academy continues to enroll students, and those who are already studying have moved on to the second block of the program. In the post we tell what we have already learned and what awaits students in the second stage.


    What we already know

    The first block is an introductory one. Students installed Android Studio and got acquainted with the main components of the Android platform, learned how to launch and transfer data to Activity, interact with Fragment, save simple data in SharedPreferences, show toasts, including custom ones. Students analyzed explicit and implicit intents, learned to show dialogs and work with standard interface elements.

    The first stage of the program consisted of 12 video lectures, 17 live coding sessions. To consolidate knowledge, students completed 9 tests and 5 tasks in the framework of the diploma project - creating their own application. Move on.

    What we will study in the second block

    In the second block, the teachers of the Academy - Azret Magometov ( nullpex ) and Marat Taychinov will teach you how to work with databases, list and work with the network. Students will learn the basics of multithreaded and reactive programming. Ahead - 11 video lectures and
    35 live coding sessions. We reduce the number of tests - instead of them there will be 15 practical tasks; We will devote more time to developing our application.


    What we already know

    In the first six weeks of the program, students became familiar with the Xcode development environment and its playgrounds. Learned about the features of Swift. We talked about the protocols and how the collections were built on their basis. Of course, we could not get around the topic of generalized programming. In Swift there are not only generics, but also associated types in protocols that allow you to write requirements for properties and classes without specifying a specific type. In the first block there were 28 video lectures, 9 live coding sessions, 8 tests and 4 tasks. The guys began to saw their first application for iOS.

    What we will study in the second block

    Our teachers - Yuri Petukhov ( GxocT ), Ilya Kulebyakin ( Kuler_29 ), Ildar Gilfanov and Evgeny Khizhnyak - will talk about the user interface. The program of the second block includes 15 video lectures, 17 live coding sessions, 4 tests and 7 tasks. Students learn how to work with UIView and UIViewController, create an adaptive interface, animations and transitions, as well as get acquainted with the basics of application debugging. We immediately apply the acquired knowledge in practice - the guys will continue to work on their application.

    Your first application

    Since the main goal of our program is to make you a specialist, then in the framework of the training there is a diploma project that you will gradually saw through. At the end of each training block, you will implement the next part of your own application. After graduation, you can safely put the application in the portfolio, show it to colleagues and the employer.

    Students of the iOS-program will develop a social network with the publication of photos, likes and subscribers. Using the application example, students learn how to download and parse information from the server using native iOS tools. They will learn about UIKit for creating a user interface and Core Data for storing local data. In addition, the application will support localization, work with the camera and, of course, filters for photos.

    Students of the Android program will create several applications during the training. In the beginning, they will develop an application for viewing and commenting on The Beatles albums: they will consider standard interface elements, work with lists, authorization and network interaction mechanisms, including a reactive approach, transferring information between screens, saving primitives to the Preferences file and structured data in the database. In the third block of students, another application awaits, while working on it, they will study different approaches to architecture.

    Come study at e-Legion Academy

    Learn iOS and Android development. Recruitment for the first block of the program starts once every two weeks.

    We do not start from scratch. For comfortable learning, basic knowledge in the field of software development and familiarity with the principles of object-oriented programming are useful. Knowledge of English will also help - we will study the documentation and understand the purpose of the methods and variables.

    Learning online. All training takes place on the OpenProfession platform. You can learn at any time and from anywhere in the world.

    Teachers are always in touch. We discuss tasks, difficulties and bugs in Telegram chats.

    The program lasts 9 months.We do not believe that you can master the profession of a mobile developer in a couple of weeks. To obtain fundamental knowledge, it is necessary to study the theory and repeatedly apply it in practice. At the same time, you can plan your download yourself: if you are behind or ahead of your group, you can always roll back or join a group that has gone ahead. All training materials and progress will be saved.

    All materials will stay with you. They will be available in your account. In addition to video lectures and live coding sessions, teachers made a selection of materials for independent work. Suddenly you will want to delve into a topic. Another bonus is that all the code used in the lectures will be available in separate files so that you can study it.

    Participate in an employment program.All students who graduate from the program will receive confirmation of their skills - OpenProfession certificate, and will also be able to participate in the employment program . You can get the position of June, because we give fundamental knowledge, introduce the community of developers and help with the application of skills in practice.

    Academy students experience

    Ready to learn? Then let's get started !

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