Annual Reporting Habrapost - 2017

    The most remarkable event of the outgoing year for the Intel blog: no matter what, we still manage to keep it. And at the same time, we can even say that some growth has occurred in terms of quality indicators. Expressing ourselves in a fashionable language now, we can say that we have reached the bottom and pushed off from it. And this, of course, makes us happy - it is always nice to see our achievements. Well, now the 2017 blog in facts and figures.

    The quantitative characteristics of the blog this year have completely collapsed - both the number of authors and the number of posts have collapsed more than 2 times. The outflow of authors is directly related to last year's organizational cataclysms , and the decline in the number is associated with a sharp decrease in the number of article translations from Intel's main site for developerscaused by some reallocation of resources within the company.

    However, one can easily find positive dynamics: the number of blog subscribers for the year increased by almost 500 people and reached 15 thousand! This trend pleases us year after year.

    But the quality characteristics, as already mentioned, slightly crawled up - though not much, but almost everything. This is partly due to the same disappearance of translated materials - their indicators were slightly lower than those of their own posts. However, no one guarantees success in advance to the latter, good grades still have to be earned.

    For us editors, the main joy of looking at charts is that those new working principles that we came up with at the beginning of last year proved their viability. And this means that next year should be at least no worse - again it turns out about the bottom. By the way, this year the number of Intel blog posts exceeded one thousand. As you know, we have been broadcasting since 2009; a special post has been made about the "very-most" articles during this time .

    Now let's talk about the leaders.

    If we talk about trends, then they are completely characteristic for Habr, at least a year, even five years ago. Posts on a historical theme are traditionally popular , and the success of the draw about ternary processors simply exceeded all our expectations. The rating of news posts is also traditionally low, but we will publish them anyway, because they show that the company lives and develops. If there is no news, then there is no movement. And once again (the last) we would like to appeal to those who each time accuse us of superficiality. Understand, finally, that at the time of the appearance of something new information about him is always scarce, including among us authors. Let's treat the news as the beginning of a conversation, and comparisons, analytics, benchmarks will certainly appear later if the topic is of interest.

    Once again, we recall that next year will be special for Intel anniversary. The company is 50 years old - such a date cannot be missed. And we will definitely not miss it. Like all other topics worthy of attention.

    Happy New Year! And let's move on.

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