Stanford Courses "iOS Application Development" 2017 - voice acting in Russian


    The legendary Stanford CS193P development course for ios is complex and very popular, but those who are not particularly “friends” with English have a hard time mastering it.

    It was decided to try to sound this course based on translations of unauthorized lecture notes that Tatyana Kornilova uploads on her website .

    I bring to your attention part of the first lecture .
    I want to hear constructive criticism if it is, wishes, suggestions. Experience in this matter is not much, I will not refuse any help, tips, directions.

    Is it necessary? Will this material be interesting?

    Voice acting takes a lot of time, it is planned to release one lecture in 1.5-2 weeks.

    The English course itself is now only available on iTunesU with an iPhone or iPad. You can also watch the original video at the link .

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