Don’t compile it: live preview for Lokalise SDK to check on-the-fly whether the button will fit on the button

    Imagine that, when localizing your application, you would be able to quickly estimate the text options on the application itself, rather than “applying to the layout”. Sounds cool? So we thought so. Therefore, we are introducing today our new Lokalise SDK Live Edit Module for iOS applications, which allows real-time monitoring of the changes made when localizing any project under iOS.


    How convenient it is and how much time can be saved by a small team that cannot afford to drag out the localization process for weeks and months, constantly pulling the developer, we will tell below.

    Earlier in our publications, we talked about such pitfalls as the dimensionality of website elements and that the design should be adaptive to the needs of localization, and not nailed by three hundred nails to the layout.

    Unfortunately, such a “feint” does not work in the field of mobile development, where the creators of applications are often limited to a very small, in comparison with the monitor of a desktop computer or laptop, device screen. This issue is especially acute in smartphone-oriented applications (you can still think of something on tablets).

    Now, in order to check whether one or another word fits into the space allotted to it, in addition to making changes to the localization, you have to compile the application each time, and this takes a long time. As we remember, in mobile development, the space is very limited, and if you do not "fit" into the space allotted to the text, then the whole operation will have to be carried out again.

    Lokalise SDK Live Edit Module - an add-on to our SDK for iOS, allows you to almost in real time monitor the changes in the UI and how the words and phrases used in the interface look. The main target audience of the Live Edit Module is localizers and QA engineers. Users do not have access to it. It will be most effective to show the principle of the module using video:

    Demonstration of the Lokalise SDK Live Edit Module

    I would like to note separately that synchronization of the editor and device sessions takes place through scanning a QR code and does not require any physical or other specific connections. It will be enough only to connect to the Internet.


    What can be done in live editing mode:

    • Use application navigation on the device
    • see all application lines in the corresponding window of the localization editor;
    • see the changes made in the editor in real time;
    • switch the language of application localization from the editor;
    • to call the debug menu just shake the device;
    • Switch between localization stages (Release, Prerelease, Local, Debug).

    Also in the near future it is planned to add a built-in mechanism for taking screenshots from the screen of the device. Another strength of Live edit Module is the ability to immediately send users changes made to applications. A great option for hotfixes and simply overdue fixes in application localization.

    We hope that our development will help application developers simplify and speed up the localization process by an order of magnitude. In addition, the Live-mode will allow you to offload the direct developer and completely “shove” the localization process to those who should deal with it - to translators, QA-engineers and, in extreme cases, designers. If you are a man-orchestra and prefer to work alone, then the Live mode will help save time on endless compilations in the process of finding the best solution.

    To work in live mode, you will need to install the Lokalise iOS SDK version 0.6.0 and higher. Also, for correct operation Xcode 8.0 or higher is required. Detailed information on installing and configuring Lokalise Live edit module can be found on the development page . The SDK supports working with devices running iOS 8.0 and higher, that is, it covers all relevant devices for 2017 Apple.

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