Interesting in March: DevOpsDays in Moscow

    The New Year holidays are over, at CES they announced everything that is possible and impossible, Atlassian bought Trello, and all the major smartphone manufacturers have patented a WestWorld clamshell. And even Sherlock was leaked, looked and discussed. Everyone woke up, started to work, and some even found the strength to organize spring conferences. Under the cut, I want to tell you a little about DevOpsDays : a conference that has evolved into a major international party in six years and will gather guests in Moscow for the first time on March 11, 2017 .

    1. You can still submit reports

    A month and a half before the conference. And there are several slots in the program. Including my favorite lightings, where you can pre-register with a five-minute blitz report. A good way to practice , get +10 to learn technology and +5 to memory. The organizers take the program seriously: they promise no advertising, only unique reports, that's all.

    2. Speakers from around the world

    The most valuable thing at conferences is not the content of the report, but the speakers. Which have nowhere to run from the stage from your questions. And they themselves came to drink coffee on the sidelines and discuss something that cannot be told from the stage. Large, evolving conferences for many years are a very good way to catch the best industry experts. And carefully ask them about personal experience. The value is that truly experienced specialists rarely write good articles. Just because they have something to do. But they are ready to prepare one report, speak with him during the year and communicate with colleagues.

    DevOps will feature the best reports of both foreign and Russian experts in two parallel tracks.

    Among the speakers:

    Anton Weiss

    Co-owner of technology consulting Otomato. He has more than 15 years of experience in high technology. Expert in technical teaching. The initiator and co-author of the first Israel DevOPS certification course. Participant in a number of international conferences, an experienced speaker. Most of the time he is engaged in the development of programs, but at the same time he has a degree in sociology and an MBA diploma, which allows him to professionally study the social aspects of development.

    Leon Fayer

    Leon’s two decades of experience have focused on designing and operating sophisticated web-based systems that can withstand multiple traffic growth. Over the years, he had a unique opportunity to design and build systems that support some of the most visited sites in the world, such as National Geographic,, etc. He is considered a professional cynic among colleagues and is absolutely sure that in fact nothing can be considered working until it works, at least for a million users.

    Michael hüttermann

    Java Champion, SCJA, SCJP, SCJD, SCWCD, freelance developer, architect, trainer. Teaches Java / JEE, ALM / SCM, Agile development methodology. He speaks at international conferences, and participates in the organization of some himself. For example, the tooling section is "Agile 2009". Engaged in the Java User Group Cologne and leads the JUG community. Participates in JetBrains Academy, FEST and in the development of JAVA itself. Writes books and development articles:

    3. Tarantool and

    And, of course, the conference in Moscow has speakers for our technology giants. The infrastructure component of Tarantool, the survival of HeadHunter under heavy load, and many other stories from direct participants. Participants are waiting for master classes, contests and prizes. Join now!

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