Tumblr rejects strawberry content completely

    Since its launch in the distant 2007, Tumblr has positioned itself as a portal for everyone and for everything (practically). Want pictures of cats or video lessons on knitting with a cross - please. Want pictures and video "strawberry" character - please. However, now everything will be very, very chaste. From December 17, 2018, Tumblr plans to completely clean up its portal of pornography of any nature and format. Short searches on the Internet helped answer the questions why and why. Go.

    For those who do not know, Tumblr is a social network of blogs, which can be either in text, image, animation, or video format. Users publish what they like, share, subscribe to each other, make re-blogs. In general, nothing unusual. However, Tumblr for its 11 years has gained great popularity among fans of adult content. While a friend of the social networks began to actively block such materials, Tumblr users remained untouchable, which only increased the popularity of the portal.

    However, the devil is not so bad as he is painted. Although pornography gained great popularity on the portal due to permissibility, according to various sources, its percentage of the total number of posts did not exceed 20%. Yes, 20 is not 90, but not 2%. In fact, 1/5 of the entire Tumblr.

    Initially, the biggest trouble with Tumblr was that of pornography in terms of copyright. Various porn studios have fallen asleep and are still falling asleep to the relevant departments of Tumblr.

    The more pornography accumulated on the portal, the total number of blogs exceeded 100 million, the more often problems and incidents connected with it began to arise. Some countries began to block Tumblr on their territory precisely because of excessive pornographic content. So, for example, Indonesia came back in 2016. Such events reduce the number of portal users, including potential ones, which, of course, is bad for Tumblr. In order to resolve the situation in a compromise way, “safe mode” was added in the user settings. Having chosen it, no adult material was shown to such a user. This innovation calmed both the public, and defenders of freedom of speech, and those who were worried about the “accidental” finding of pornography by their children.

    The inclusion of "safe mode" in the settings.

    But peace, as we know, is not eternal. More recently, Apple has excluded the Tumblr app from the App Store. The situation, of course, came out a bit ambiguous. Pornography, as we know, is permissible and unacceptable (I hate to even list its types, but the most disgusting thing is child pornography). And for some reason, some material from such a category slipped into Tumblr unnoticed by its employees and algorithms. But Apple works on the principle “I will even find a pimple on the body of an elephant,” because this ugliness was already discovered by them. This was the reason for the removal of Tumblr from the App Store.

    Let the people of Indonesia forgive me, but Indonesia is not the App Store. IOS users are very, very much. Lose this piece of cake Oath Inc. (Verizon), as the owners of Tumblr since 2017, did not want. Therefore, it was decided total ban of all strawberries on the portal.

    Many media researchers, analysts, bloggers and ordinary people look at it very skeptically. Of course, if you so want to watch porn, go to a specialized site and the problem is settled. The bottom line is that Tumblr will most likely lose a huge number of users because of its new, tight Puritan policy. Many Tumblr-bloggers do not just spread adult content, but also try to monetize it. Having taken away such an opportunity from them, they will no longer have a reason to remain on the portal. On the other hand, why not? A portal without porn is not bad, is it. There is PornHub, after all, for those who need only strawberries. However, this Tumblr decision has caused outrage among people who don’t really care about the porn industry. Many users and media experts have accused Tumblr of hypocrisy. Like,

    The words of the Tumblr team about changing the posting policy are really funny, considering the App Store story:
    “As Tumblr continues to grow and develop, and our understanding of our influence on our world becomes clearer, we need to take into account the influence on different age groups, demographic groups, cultures and mentalities.”

    Becomes a clearer woman,
    It sounds beautiful: taking care of children, culture, people, and blah blah blah. But we understand that such actions are not performed by large companies for the benefit of humanity, they are performed for the benefit of capital.

    Economists also said that the likely departure of a large number of users from the portal for Verizon, the company-owner, will be almost imperceptible. Tumblr, despite its popularity, is not a duck that lays golden eggs. Therefore, we can conclude that Verizon is ready to easily sacrifice a part of users in order to preserve its reputation and, of course, return the project to the iOS device.

    From myself I can only add that I agree with all the parties to this “conflict” of interests. On the one hand, users want more attention on the culture of communication, social equality, etc. That's right, no one has the right to offend anyone because of their color, orientation or religion. We are all humans. On the other hand, a portal without porn is also excellent. True, I do not think that this very porn could be accidentally seen on Tumblr. If you like cats, subscribe to blogs about cats, post cats, then porn should not appear on the page anywhere (I guess I won’t say, because I didn’t check it). Also, Verizon’s motives are clear to me - reputation, self-promotion among more conservative Internet users and solving the issue with iOS.

    What do you think? Is Tumblr justified, should they wait for users to churn out? And maybe they realized too late in solving this "problem"?
    PS This post is not among the topics that I usually describe, but I decided to share this news with you. Anyway, thank you for your attention and have a good work week for you guys.
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