Two simple phrases that fixed a sales channel


    Working with various startups, we periodically came across projects in the field of optimizing the logistics of online stores, but during our cooperation with the Yambox project , we experienced real surprise.
    The task was set as usual, to study the consumer, identify target segments, formulate hypotheses and build marketing activities to test them. The standard lean startup startup positioning routine always starts with a problematic interview. Therefore, I moved to their office for a month, so as not to run far if suddenly I need any information, I took an online store base that was stolen in time immemorial (where I won’t say it) and began to call it, trying to find out what they lack in life . Miracles began with the second call.

    First, I’ll tell you (for those who were too lazy to go to the site) what the guys are doing. "The company Yamboks " - is the operator of order fulfillment, one of the few currently existing in the spaces of our country. As it is logical to assume from the word “fulfillment”, they provide a full range of services for online retailers. That is, they take care of all the processes that occur from the click of a buy button to the delivery of the order to the end customer. The advantages of these guys include the relatively low cost of services, and perhaps, in my opinion, excessive customer focus. And enough about them, and then something good, accuse me of blatant advertising.

    Well, back to the miracles. From the second polling call, I suddenly started selling. This was not at all part of my plans, understand me correctly, now imagine inviting you to investigate the needs of residents of any district of your city to build a grocery store there, you go outside, start a survey, and instead of answering, every second respondent asks you to weigh him a kilogram doctoral. It happened like this:

    - Hello, my name is Vasily. I am positioning the fulfillment operator Yambox, you can give me 5 minutes of time.

    - Yes, of course, what is fulfillment?

    I explained as I could and after that the store owner told me something like:
    - Your offer looks interesting and started asking questions that naturally I didn’t have answers to, and I handed the receiver to the salesman Vladimir, who was sitting opposite.

    As a result, with twenty “problematic interviews” conducted on the first day, Vladimir and I managed to close 8 online stores for a meeting, and subsequently three more closed for a meeting with a commercial offer. That is, understand, this is not the first startup in the field of logistics with which we worked, and I don’t remember something for these companies every second likely customer was closed for a meeting with a cold call.

    The first logical thought that I had was that the guys have some problems that are not related to sales. I spent two weeks digging, buried myself in tariffs, spent the whole day in the warehouse, it looks like it’s not beautiful, but it works fine, it’s almost empty in the return processing area, which is not bad. I did a feature analysis of the service, rang existing customers, asked if there were any problems in the work, conducted espionage activities, swept through competitors, looked at how they worked, eventually found a couple of bottlenecks, but overall the patient is more likely alive than dead . No serious abnormalities were noted.
    My next thought was that something was wrong with the sales department, I got to listen to voices from far away (recording telephone conversations) I spent two days, a little deaf from the headphones, I hated telephone communications as a phenomenon, but again by, salespeople as salespeople, nothing strange .

    Meanwhile, 5 of the Internet entrepreneurs I phoned successfully entered into an agreement with Yambox for 100% fulfillment. Moreover, it must be understood that the performance of 5 clients out of 20 cold calls sounds to a professional ear like "You know, and I have a unicorn at home." Yes, what the hell is going on here!

    Finally, after two and a half weeks of torment, I finished listening to the recordings of my conversations that day when I conducted a problematic interview, clicked on the play and heard me stuttering (as I was not ready for such a development of events) I was trying to explain the essence of future Yambox clients services about which I myself learned a day ago. And then it dawned on me. I, trying to avoid a detailed conversation about those topics that I don’t know, used an elementary associative series and deliberate simplification in the answer. In other words, I said buvally the following:

    - Look, you are using cloud technologies, well, for example, to store photos on the Internet and do not even think about how this happens, right?

    - Yes

    - So look, fulfillment is such a “cloud” into which you throw a request, sort of pick up from supplier A and bring client B. That's all. Then you don’t need to think about anything, everything will be shipped, completed, packaged and delivered. In essence, fulfillment turns an online store into an economic game.

    That's all I said before handing the handset to Vladimir.

    I understood why this worked only a couple of days later, when I began to ring up the customers who failed on the first call. It turned out that fulfillment is a new phenomenon and most online retailers do not know at all that this is possible, and when salespeople began to explain in detail to them the essence of this phenomenon, consisting of a whole heap of various services, an entrepreneur located on the other end of the wire distracted from his affairs and limited in time, he simply lost the thread of thought. It is ridiculous, but most of them thought that they were offered cooperation with a courier company, some other part thought that they were offered just a warehouse for rent.

    In general, from the salad he served, everyone grabbed something that he knew and no one had seen the whole salad. I think the conclusion here begs itself, no matter how fuckingly complicated your service is, never be shy to make a small generalization, remember that the client spat on you from a high bell tower, he has so many problems, don’t make him strain again, he’s just wants to be happy

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