4U headers: 30 examples

    No, we won’t “pour water” about the fact that the headlines should attract attention and other crap. We hope that you are in the topic) In this article you will see only the technique of creating headers using the 4U method with examples from different niches. And how can it be amplified up to 5U.

    Where it works: contextual advertising, landing pages, brand promotion pages, SEO product pages, product descriptions in the online store, brochures, marketing kit, commercial offers. In almost any format where the task is to sell, to encourage users to the target action.

    What is it for? We will answer with a quote from the great advertiser Claude Hopkins:

    The technique is simple: in order to master it, you do not need to learn copywriting wisdom at the trainings and pay money for it (intensive Dmitry Kota, for example, costs 19,000 rubles). It is enough to learn how to formulate your value proposition on 4 elements.

    So let's go. We analyze step by step on a specific example. The topic is the sale of GPS monitoring systems for vehicles.


    This is the ultimate benefit of the customer. What he wants to solve with the help of your product or service. Not search engine promotion (property), but increasing sales through search engine promotion (benefit). Not real estate services, but the sale of a house or apartment. In other words, not a drill, but holes in the wall.

    Utility is a must in the 4U model. We start with it. Usually this is a verb - save, reduce, save, protect, return, increase, increase, double, get, earn. Where appropriate - in the imperative mood (get, save, earn).

    “Pull out” the main benefit that interests your audience. There are options in our case, for which people put a GPS monitoring system - control, security, saving money (by reducing downtime and left-handed drivers, optimizing routes and speed limits, customers get reduced fuel and T / O costs).

    Since 90% of CAs are transport companies, they are interested in financial gain. Hence the utility - “Reduce transportation costs .


    Also a required element of the formula. Means how your gain works. A product or service, ideally with detuning from competitors. Just don’t “shout” that your product is the best or unique. This is prohibited by the law on advertising, without good evidence. We have a soft version - “New GPS monitoring system” .

    To help you find a list of stop words and phrases to avoid:

    Cheapest, cheapest
    Low prices
    Flexible conditions
    Wide assortment
    High quality, high-quality
    Individual approach
    High reliability, reliable.


    Expresses benefits in measurable units. How much in rubles or percent will you increase sales or reduce costs; how many hours or days deliver the goods or provide a service and so on. Our headline is “Cut costs to 32% .


    Time parameter. Moreover, this is not necessarily the deadline "until January 1" or "only the first 10 customers." In some cases, you can do without it. There is a favorable time condition - we set, no - we reduce the circuit to 3U.

    Our heading is “14-day test drive for free . Yes, if urgency overloads the proposal, put it in the subtitle.

    As a result, we get:

    Examples of headers in different niches

    We emphasize once again that you should not rest against all four parameters. In many cases, it is enough to do with utility, uniqueness and ultra-specificity.


    “Reduce operating costs by 30% monthly using Japanese hydraulic manipulators”

    “Speed ​​up timber loading 1.7 times using KATO hydraulic manipulators”

    “We will install a video surveillance system at your facility in 24 hours at a price 20% lower than the market”

    “Repair of trade pavilions 7 days from the construction holding at the price of a private brigade "

    " Sale of ferrous metals: In 48 hours, Bazis will collect an order for any item at the price of a regular metal warehouse "

    “Cleaning of warehouse and office premises with Karcher appliances from 400 rubles sq.m. When ordering today until 15.00 today, the first cleaning is free ”


    “ Save up to 40% on wall decoration with fiber-reinforced concrete architectural elements ”

    “ Apartments in a small family cottage from Stroypanelkomplekt ”until the end of November at the price of“ Khrushchev ”

    Save 22% of the cost apartments in December due to purchases during the construction phase ”

    “ Lose 1.5 to 3.5 kg of excess weight in 21 days with Kangoo Jumps boots ”

    “ iPhone6S on credit for only 93 rubles a day!

    We’ll bring the bank agreement and the gadget straight home .

    “Speak Spanish after 7 lessons using the proprietary methodology of Grand Espanol. Record until December 1 ”

    “ We will approve a loan of up to 1,500,000 rubles without guarantors at a rate of 22.5% per annum. Consideration of the application online in 24 hours ”

    “ Smart home planning to the last outlet in 14 days from MARCHI graduates ”

    “ Land assessment in 8 hours from the City Cadastre Bureau. When applying before the end of the month - free processing of documents in the registration chamber "

    " Earn an additional 30,000 rubles per month on online trading using the iForex method "

    " Receive any of our 19,500 products in 2 days thanks to the express delivery system "

    " Get the diagnosis Toyota car suspension in 15 parameters on a vibration stand. From December 1 to 10 - for free "

    “Change the oil filter in your car in 30 minutes with a 6-month warranty”

    “Replacing the alternator belt from 350 rubles. When passing the T / O before December 1 - a wash as a gift "

    " Forget about the problems with the organization of the wedding. We will prepare the holiday in 10 days, from the restaurant to the wedding car ”

    Internet marketing and IT

    “ In 30 days we will make a Landing page with a conversion of> 10% or refund the contract ”

    “ Increase sales via the Internet by 25% through online surveys of your customers. Free version for 14 days ”

    “ We will bring 10 new customers tomorrow when ordering SEO-promotion today until 18.00 ”

    “ Increasing the conversion by 12-15% with the first results in 3 days using “Express usability”

    “Get 3 times more calls and contextual requests for the same money using responsive content. Free tuning until December 31. "

    Fifth element.

    This 4U formula amplifier is not suitable for all options, but where SEO promotion is also planned. The fifth element is the key phrase in the title. Two examples:

    Hydraulic manipulators for the forest: reduction of operating costs by 30% per month with Japanese KATO equipment”

    Realtor services in Moscow from the Metra company: we will sell your property in 3 months - or with a commission of 0 rubles”

    PS Ask questions about use 4U models in its niche. We will help, help)

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