Technology defeats death

    Do you remember the movie about the Chappy robot? According to the scriptwriters, he was not a robot in the full sense of the word, but he was far from a person. Caution spoiler.

    In the life-affirming finale, the cyborg defeats the enemies, turning a couple of friends of similar creatures along the way.
    So, the idea is as if taken directly from this film.

    Humai, an Australian startup, said it is working on technology to defeat death.
    According to the director, Josh Bocanegra, they plan to save data on patterns of behavior, thought processes and characteristics of the functioning of the body.

    Bold startupers encode information using sensory technology and inject it into an artificial body with the brain of a deceased person. The brain, in turn, is frozen using cryonics. Possible damage will be eliminated in the future by applying nanotechnology and cloning.
    On Humai you will be met by a girl mysteriously peeking out of the jungle and equally mysterious music. The animation is also quite entertaining.

    There are 5 people in the startup, and the project is funded by the founder himself.
    The plans of Australian inventors include sponsorship from external sources. They expect to finish work in 30 years.
    And although their idea so far resembles an excerpt from science fiction, scientists are determined.

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