MasterPass is gaining momentum

    In December 2014, the PayOnline electronic payment system was one of the first in Russia to introduce the MasterPass payment solution , the MasterCard product. Over the past year and a half since the release, MasterPass has actively conquered Europe, and recently, in a press release, MasterCard shared the first results.

    The world is becoming digital, and more and more people are able to simplify the shopping process with MasterPass. To date, this payment instrument is accepted in 24 countries and is most often used in Germany, Belgium, Hungary and Turkey. Since its launch in February 2013, more than a quarter of a million merchants worldwide have integrated payment acceptance, and the number of transactions through MasterPass in Europe has grown by an average of 40% every month over the past six months.

    MasterPass is a system that helps users skip steps to fill out payment and contact details when paying. Wallets connected to MasterPass (this can be your Internet bank or electronic wallet) store information on all your cards and delivery addresses, and you do not need to re-enter these data on sites every time you make payments.

    In Germany, Shopgate , a developer of mobile applications for online stores, offers all its customers to connect to receive payments through MasterPass.

    “When making payments via mobile devices, we understand that simplicity is the key to success. The less data mobile users must enter, the higher the chance that they will turn into customers and real sales. Thanks to MasterPass, it is not necessary to enter card details, delivery addresses and phone numbers every time, ”says Andrea Underhegggen, founder and CEO of Shopgate. "The higher the conversion rate, the greater the customer satisfaction and the chance that he will return for a repeat purchase."

    In the UK, MasterPass has become actively used as a tool to pay bills in restaurants and cafes. The wagamama Japanese food network has enabled customers to pay for orders through the MasterPass mobile app. Such cooperation has become mutually beneficial for consumers and restaurants: the client can enjoy the ordered dish and pay it through a mobile device, without waiting for the help of the waiters, which will save time and allow you to quickly free up a table for new customers. The popularity of this option tells us that in the near future wagamama customers will be able to familiarize themselves with the menu using the application and order additional dishes and drinks immediately on their table. Following the success of the Japanese restaurant, other British food chains have entered into an agreement with MasterCard to provide customers with a convenient and fast mobile solution.Eventim and the like, by connecting to MasterPass.

    The number and variety of retailers joining MasterPass in Italy has been growing at an even faster pace, reaching around 5,000 online stores (40% of all retail and service enterprises in Italy) since its launch in 2013. Among them are participants in the top 10 retailers in Italy. Alitalia , Italian national airlines, and the main rail operator, Trenitalia, offer travelers the option of paying for tickets through MasterPass, as does the Czech national rail operator. Nicola Arnes, vice president of eBusiness Alitalia, comments:

    Since the launch of MasterPass in June 2015 in Turkey, the payment service has become an electronic wallet that simplifies any purchase - from a cup of coffee to a taxi ride. Partnerships with Caffè Nero , Bi Taksi (Get Taxi) and Getir have changed the way users think about shopping online and in apps.

    If you want to join the global trends and connect the latest MasterPass convenient payment technology on your website, you can leave a request here .

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