Search for a partner for your project

    Now, in difficult times for any business, it is quite difficult to find a partner. Businessmen, companies and organizations are less and less thinking about the social benefits of the new project. Interest for new beginnings is profit. It is difficult for a young team at the very beginning of the journey to present any profit data. Startups themselves often do not know what will come out of their project and whether anything will come out at all. Naturally, there are teams that believe in their ideas from and to, but the result does not always live up to expectations.

    A large company that can help a young project, as mentioned above, is going through difficult times. The company is partly a living organism, but imbued with ideas is not its feature. For this reason, developers need to be very careful at the stage of finding partners.

    Large-scale bombardment with letters of all large companies on your subject is most often the wrong decision. Why? Because they don’t need your project a priori unfortunately, it’s so. I repeat, they are interested in profit, first of all. Do not forget that a large company may be interested in your project if and only if you have a certain base, for example, users (or subscribers, or pre-orders). Even mutual PR is based on what partners can offer each other. What can your project offer mega-corporations if you have 50 users? Nothing. The most important thing here is not to rush, because having received a refusal to cooperate at an early stage of development, it is far from the fact that something will happen in the future.

    Pay attention to small and medium-sized companies, they are often just like you need advertising. And most importantly, they, like you, do not have large advertising budgets, if there are any budgets at all. Collaboration with small firms is not a major obligation. Thus, it is much easier to find common ground. The main question is what the company can offer you. We must not forget about the main goal - advertising / PR, not friendship.

    To summarize, I would like to note that no matter who you work with, the numbers that you stocked up for meetings and negotiations are important. More recently, B * lizzard reported a reduction in the number of subscribers to their online game. And after the report she stated that this is the last year when they publish the report. The company refers to the fact that these statistics do not reflect the real situation, they say they still earn more money. And rightly so, only those data that raise the price of your "shares" should be published.

    Until the next article, gentlemen.

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