St. Petersburg prosecutor’s office is considering Anywayanyday claim against Aviasales regarding the illegal use of trademarks (lawyer's comment)

    Anywayanyday company, which provides services for booking air tickets and hotels, distributes among the representatives of media statement, according to which the prosecutor asked the St. Petersburg check Aviasales competing service for illegal use of trademarks. It is reported that the application has already been submitted to the Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia of the Central District of St. Petersburg to conduct an audit “on the fact of possible illegal actions” by Aviasales.

    The essence of AWAD claims is the discovery of a number of sites with domain names that are “identical or similar to the point of confusion with the trademark“ Anywayanyday ”.

    Representatives of AWAD also report that in the middle of summer they sent an official letter to the management of Aviasales with a request to stop the illegal use of trademarks registered in his (Aviasales) name. Providing a complete list of addresses, Anywayanyday demanded to cancel the registration of domain names within 14 days. Judging by the statement on the leadership of Anywayanyday: “Aviasales executives ignored the request and only called the letter“ interesting ”,“ strange ”and sent“ to the wrong address ”in unofficial correspondence.
    The most blatant example of Anywayanyday is the site registered in the Colombian national domain - “”, which automatically redirects the user to the metasearch engine website.
    Now this resource does not work: when opened, an advertising plate informs that “the domain is for sale”
    Quote for "company representatives." And here is how Aviasales managing director Maxim Krainov reacts:
    Due to the fact that we do not own, do not control, and have no relation whatsoever to this domain, we informally advised whois who asked to learn the command. Nevertheless, the Anywayanyday team “front” turned out to be easier to learn.
    According to Krainov, Aviasales considers the request to government bodies "a manifestation of unethical competition and an attempt to get at least some cheap PR to reduce the rate of decline in the share of Anywayanyday on the Russian market . "

    In 2013, representatives of Anywayanyday had already discovered a number of resources with domain names similar to their own, upon loading which the user was redirected to competitors' websites, including Aviasales.

    In 2015, the management of Dobroleta made a complaint to the management of Aviasales regarding the domain, which was registered with an affiliate of the latter company. As a result of a court decision, Dobrolet received 100 rubles.

    The editors of Megamind requested a lawyer comment:
    Applications for unfair competition are submitted to the Federal Antimonopoly Service, claims for violation of exclusive rights to a trademark - to the arbitration court. Why did you file an application with the prosecutor? Apparently, there is no direct evidence of the involvement of Aviasales in alleged offenses.

    The results of the prosecutor’s check, if it is positive for Anywayanyday, may give rise to contact the above authorities.

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