Yandex is decrepit. It can be devoured

    The scandal with “Kinopoisk” released to the surface that Yandex should be protected as the apple of an eye. It is not surprising that all management involved in the disclosure of this terrible secret was fired for violating the Non-disclosure Act. But we did not sign any act (although who knows what is included in the standard Yandex license), so we can tell you what kind of terrible military secret it is ...

    With a light and heavy mother, the company's employees very correctly described what is called “problems of growing up the company” in management. There are various theories that explain what is happening with firms, but most management science theorists agree that there are several stages in the life of a company. Beginning entrepreneurs do business at the level of an individual entrepreneur, then attract workers, expand their staff, and so on, until they have the chance to jump into big business. At this level, the techniques that helped in the previous stages work poorly, so you have to hire completely new people.

    Leap into big business is the most dangerous for an entrepreneur. Firstly, he risks losing control over his business for various reasons - there will be shareholders, there will be a need to delegate part of the authority. Secondly, a successful model may not be scalable. It is because of this that many corporations insist on minimizing, maximizing the fragmentation of their business. So Microsoft was originally built: Bill Gates always tried to create it as an association of small groups, each of which has sufficient independence; McDonald's was also built.

    Formalism kills business

    States and large corporations face a constant challenge: every minute they need to find a balance between transparency of procedures and efficiency. Although it seems that one should support the other, in fact, between these approaches is a fundamental contradiction. Business transparency, primarily for managers and shareholders, means that all participants in the processes must properly record their behavior. This can be manifested in different ways: somewhere you have to fill out kilometers of papers, somewhere - to write reports and applications daily, somewhere - to go to work only with a "little finger". The bottom line is the same: the information must be recorded by someone in the database. At some point, it’s not so important how true this information is,

    Signs of decrepitude

    By occupation, I have to be “inside” of different companies and corporations. And if the owners can miss something from the inside, then the lawyer from the side can distinguish the signs of decrepitude of the company. It is impossible to describe them with formal signs, otherwise one more form will be obtained for filling, and their definition will be meaningless. It is necessary to sound the alarm when such things happen:
    - the company holds seminars to fill out internal documentation;
    - management implements a new management system before the implementation of the previous one was completed;
    - the company appreciates managers who exercise general leadership, poorly versed in the merits of the case;
    - among employees there are conversations like: “this is not my area of ​​responsibility”;
    - the management begins to think that the threshold for entering the market protects them from competitors, which can be re-bought in extreme cases;
    - it becomes easier for employees to remain silent than to make a critical comment on some issue.
    All this is well known from the theory, practice and history of business, and nevertheless, thousands of giant corporations attacking the same rake, collapsing before the eyes of thousands of analysts and consultants.

    It seems that signs of decrepitude have appeared in Yandex.

    This company climbed onto the business Olympus and began to rest on its laurels, ignoring completely objective competition in this market. The achieved parity with Google, the crowding out of other competitors on the sidelines - these are all apparent successes. Today they are, and tomorrow they will be written about them in the books “Great victories of the past”.

    The further formalized the process of providing a service to a user within the company, the more time they spend on introducing new management techniques, the more decrepit Yandex will become.

    What does this mean for the rest?

    It gives exceptional hope. The general rule: who enters later receives more technology and at a lower price, applies to this market. Those who abandoned their youthful dreams of creating their own search engine should read the latest news, turn up their code and look at a bunch of open source projects. Those who want to challenge the sale of copyright objects can not be afraid of the presence of Yandex.Music in this market.

    Yandex is decrepit. Maybe he still has a chance to straighten his shoulders and break free, but too many people tell him that he defeated everyone. And in the silence of the market, those who set an ambitious, impudent and reckless goal - to gobble up Yandex will definitely wake up.

    They have a chance.

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