What to look for for an IT manager

    Today we decided to look into one of the threads on Hacker News and analyze a thematic discussion of the problem associated with the transition to the management work of IT specialists. / photo Markus Spiske CC Many of the commentators agree that all the main work needs to be done independently. Some more creative tasks should be transferred to subordinates, and complex ones should be solved independently. At the same time, it is important not to overload the subordinates with unnecessary discussions of the task, but at the same time be available to discuss issues coming from the employees themselves.

    To effectively solve the tasks of managing the IT department, the leader needs to independently deal with the code base. Time for this is easy to find if you do not spend it on meetings and endless meetings for any reason.

    Other commentators emphasize the need to develop a common culture and approaches that will keep the team assembled to achieve results. Speaking of the results, here the manager needs to understand exactly how he is going to solve the company's tasks - what exactly will the business that he will carry out give.

    This approach applies to the organization of the IT department. At this level, you should understand how to promote new tools and build processes in such a way as to improve the quality of employees and (ideally) reduce the load on each of them.

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