7 errors of beginners or “leap of faith”

    Leap of Faith 1
    "He who has stepped into the abyss with a lion's
    head knows his value."

    Much of what beginning founders do is like a “leap of faith”: believing in yourself and your idea is beyond rational argumentation. There are a number of mantras that are repeated to ourselves, which can lead us to fall into error and force us to start implementing business ideas that could cost us all our livelihoods. Here are examples of some misconceptions with explanations of their fallacy. This list will help to avoid popular tragic misconceptions for both novice founders and practicing investors, for whom these misconceptions will be like red flags.

    I came up with something that has never happened before. It'll be cool!

    Have you ever wondered why when you type in the search engine any utter garbage that you just invented, it gives you a bunch of links to this very garbage? In 99, (9)% of cases, what just came up came to someone’s head earlier than you, and if you don’t see the implementation, then there are two options, either nobody needs it or you just did not find it.

    I have a fresh outlook, maybe people working in this area are too blind to see this cool opportunity.

    So only amateurs reason. When you plunge into a certain area, you will be unpleasantly surprised by the various obstacles to the realization of your brilliant ideas. Get ready to adapt to market requirements, pivot is inevitable.

    My application will look better than a bunch of that old trash in the appstore and playmarket.

    Most likely it will not be, unless you are the coolest UX developer, which is extremely unlikely, plus existing players in the market can easily update their applications and, given the current market situation, you will lose with your competitive advantage.

    My application will be more functional than competing.

    Firstly, it is difficult to briefly tell the investor about those cool features that you want to fit into the functionality of your application. Secondly, it is very difficult to get the loyal enthusiasts of the new application. Thirdly, the more features you need to cram into an application, the more development of this application will cost, and judging by the fact that you are a beginner, it’s not difficult to guess that your pocket has a vacuum or very thin air, but even if it’s not, then all your money will go to development and you will have no money left to advance to the masses.

    Everyone with whom I spoke really liked my idea.

    Most likely you were talking with friends and acquaintances who simply did not want to offend you, seeing your burning eyes and crazy sketches on napkins in a coffee shop. To say that your idea is ingenious and open your wallet for you is not at all tantamount to action, do not you?

    The concept that I came up with is so complex that it will take several years for someone to repeat it.

    Firstly, do not flatter yourself, a whole staff of cool reversers and developers can work with competitors. Secondly, if the concept is really as complicated as you think, then think about how much time you yourself need to implement it?

    I, personally, are more motivated than anyone else in the whole world.

    It’s strange, but who are all these people about whom they write in technology blogs and business publications? Welcome to the club, you are the 100500th in line.

    Of course, there are examples noticeable to everyone who really succeeded. For example, Slack does not have any killer features, but they did. It is impossible to explain success at first glance, but remember that Stuart Butterfield is still the co-founder of Flickr.

    Before you quit working “for uncle” full time, and when you are about to jump into a rabbit hole, take a free minute to comprehend what should lead to the successful outcome of your idea. If you have a solid understanding of the market that you’re about to climb into and a strategy for attracting initial customers has been drawn up, take courage and take this “leap of faith”. Just make sure your faith is not based on the principles outlined above.

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