LeanKanban 2015 Conference

    There are not many days left until the moment when one of the most serious Moscow conferences for managers opens the doors of its site. This will happen on October 2 and 3, on the territory of Digital October, where dozens of reports will be read on three tracks of the conference and several trainings will be organized with invited Western gurus in the field of Lean methodologies and techniques.

    To begin with, what exactly is the Modern Management Methods conference?which we organize. First of all, it is an assembly point for all interested industry professionals, an opportunity to know the faces of colleagues and get to know them individually, listening to advanced information from foreign speakers. All of them come to Moscow for one purpose: to share the history of solving real business problems, formulating a pragmatic and effective plan of changes in the company or unit, based primarily on facts.

    Last year

    We held Lean Kanban for the second year - in 2014 we organized the first event , which turned out to be quite successful. The whole day at the conference, focused on a fairly narrow layer of managerial personnel in information technology, important and interesting words were heard on a variety of topics: from the “Anti-Fragility” of Nassim Taleb, descriptions of various methods and experience of scaling, balancing and optimizing business processes to specific examples of agile implementation -method on the ground. In order not to be unfounded - on the website of the 2014 conference you can find video reports and presentation slides. Last year, our conference brought together more than 350 people from 70 of the most diverse companies.

    And after 2 weeks

    We will return now. The 2015 conference in numbers is as follows.

    • Over 300 business managers and owners
    • Over 30 reports of invited experts will be read
    • Key foreign speakers
    • Master classes and trainings before and after the main tracks of the conference

    In general, Modern Management Methods remains a conference on management processes and the quality of managerial decision-making in conditions of high uncertainty. A visit to the event will be interesting primarily to those who make decisions in difficult conditions and, as a result, manage risks. The practical benefits of the reports and workshops will be made not only for top managers and department managers, but also trainers / consultants for project and product management.

    When the business situation changes at a tremendous speed, and the degree of uncertainty is always high, traditional management approaches often prove to be ineffective. Budgets, KPIs and work plans for several years ahead, which are agreed upon for months, become irrelevant, as much as possible, at the time of their approval. Therefore, in our opinion, it’s already quite a long time to start talking about how flexible methodologies help organize work in such conditions and how to improve the quality of managerial decisions with their help.


    We have already mentioned the fact that there will be several key foreign guests at the conference. Let us briefly go over the topics of reports that they are preparing to read before the public.

    1. David Anderson is the founder and one of the main ideologists of the continuous improvement methodology - the Kanban method, as well as the Modern Management Framework - a system for managing modern business operating in a complex environment. At the conference, David will read the talk and give two training sessions on one topic - Enterprise Services Planning.

    2. Mike Burroughs , director of the British office and chief consultant for David J. Anderson and Associates, devoted most of his career to leading development teams and large IT departments in various industries: aerospace, finance, energy, and of course software development. At the conference, Mike will talk about tips that will provide rich food for thought to everyone who is thinking about increasing efficiency in achieving the goals of the organization.

    3. Patrick Steyart is the founder and chief coach of Okaloa, with many years of experience in lean-agile transformations and the improvement process. At the conference, Patrick will talk about "Discovery Kanban" - a special kind of system designed to organize the processes of intellectual work.

    4. Finally, Dan Greening , Managing Director of the Senex Rex agile consulting group, will tell the audience about Agile leadership patterns, but not only. He also intends to talk about the significance of the often forgotten practice - retrospective.

    Of course, these are far from all speakers / speakers - a full list can be found on the conference website in the Speakers section . The event will be attended by Russian specialists of considerable size, such as Andrei Kolyada - rector of the EMAS business school, Evgeny Kobzev - the managing director of Knopka, Sergey Shcherbinin from Raiffeisen Bank, Svetlana Mukhina from Luxoft, Evgenia Ovchinnikova from the Biotech Pharmaceutical Company.

    Come, learn, learn and implement. Any specialist who is interested in the following range of topics is simply obliged to pay attention to the event:

    • Kanban-systems of visual management and analysis
    • Beyond Budgeting - modern principles of budgeting to increase the business flexibility of the company
    • Complexity Science - the science of complexity, an integrated approach for the design of complex management systems at all levels: people, communications and technology
    • Lean Applied - experience in applying lean manufacturing principles in companies based on intellectual labor
    • Managing Risk - risk management in an ever-changing environment
    • Real Options - an innovative principle for making quality decisions
    • Lean Startup - a modern approach to starting and increasing the chances of life of new products
    • Evolving Product Management - development and evolution of the product management discipline in the company

    And for all readers of Megamind, there’s a 15% discount on participation in the megamozg promotional code .

    So - see you at LeanKanban 2015: Modern Management Methods!

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