Apple, Google and Microsoft denied the FBI

    The New York Times reports that Apple, Google and Microsoft are refusing the FBI and the US Department of Justice to provide information about their users, despite the fact that the American authorities in some cases threaten to bring the companies to court.


    According to the publication, this summer, Apple refused the US Department of Justice to provide personal correspondence of drug and weapon suspects. Users sent messages to each other via the iPhone. Apple said they could not declassify this information, since iMessage encrypts the text when it is sent. According to interlocutors of The New York Times, the Justice Department and the FBI wanted to sue Apple, but this initiative was not implemented. Nevertheless, departments are confident that the Barack Obama administration should put pressure on corporations and force them to disclose the information officials need.

    At the moment, US authorities are demanding the provision of personal data for Microsoft users. The Department of Justice wishes to access the emails of the company's clients.

    The New York Times reports that US authorities are concerned about IT giants 'increased desire to encrypt users' personal data. According to the publication, such a corporate policy may be associated with the exposure of Edward Snowden, who revealed to the media information about the program of large-scale surveillance.

    Meanwhile, Microsoft has pledged to provide Russian government agencies with access to the correspondence of Russian users on Skype.

    “Microsoft confirms its commitment to work in full compliance with Russian law, as is done in all countries where the company conducts its business. When adopting any law, we will act in accordance with its requirements, ”the press service of Microsoft said.

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