Dashboard24 panel: go through the devices

    Russians are buying more and more on the Internet, and almost all categories of goods. According to Yandex.Market researchConsumers combine purchases in Russian and foreign online stores, and Russian stores are included in the set of sites for electronic shopping in 90% of respondents. Currency fluctuations and price changes lead to undulating demand, buyers react to both price and non-price factors. It is not surprising that many entrepreneurs seek to build their business on the network - online stores are experiencing a period of intensive development. However, as the sad experience shows, many owners of such sites do not consider even the most basic indicators that could help to better understand the business and take timely measures in case of a decrease in demand. Huge advertising budgets are spent on promoting goods, but many forget that advertising without analysis is a waste of money.

    A couple of years ago, Google presented to advertisers and advertising agencies a new e-commerce management tool - Google Merchant Center. This is a service that allows sellers to publish data about their stores and products on Google Shopping and other Google services. It integrates with Google AdWords and Analytics - so the advertiser can collect the most accurate data on purchases made using online promotion channels. Yandex, which restarted Yandex.Market, did not lag behind its foreign competitor. Once again, the search giants are in the trend - the growing sector of e-commerce requires effective and accurate measurements, which should be the basis for the entire future promotion strategy.

    If the advertiser’s store has a lot of items, and contextual advertising is given in separate sources, there is a need for aggregation of information and its analysis. Experience with Google Analytics showed RealWeb staff that the tool is insufficient, and downloading data from other systems is time-consuming. Moreover, one more fact did not suit: the binding of all indicators of contextual advertising to the keyword (keyword), and not to the product. Neither RealWeb nor our clients were satisfied with this situation and it was decided to develop their own tool for monitoring e-commerce indicators.

    Dashboard for e-commerce

    So there was Dashboard24 . The main difference between it and dancing with a tambourine in Google Analytics was the use of product guides that translate information from UTM into a product. The Dashboard24 system takes data from an xml feed (usually based on the Yandex.Market yml feed). And this is a significant advantage - the advertising agency gets access only to directories and Analytics. At the same time, there is no need for complex integrations through the CRM-system API, especially since the information in CRM is strictly confidential for most large online stores and no one will allow the serving advertising agency to give access to the system.

    In the panel, the client can receive operational reports on online trading in several sections: expense, income, dynamics of advertising costs, the number of orders and the average cost of one order. Reports can be built by campaigns, region, advertising systems, brands, products, etc. ... Yandex Direct, Yandex.Market, Google AdWords serve as a source of information for building reports. Income data is downloaded from Google Analytics, and the income itself is calculated as the sum of the prices of goods - that is, as gross income (not to be confused with profit!). Dashboard24 is a fairly simple but vital tool for an online store. It allows you to carry out permanent monitoring of the dynamics of sales of goods through the three most popular services and gives users good opportunities.

    • The ability to quickly report on the effectiveness of specific campaigns, product categories, brands or individual products. It is enough to go into the panel, select the necessary settings - and you will see the situation for any period. Such promptness is justified for any online store, especially during the period of promotions and sales.

    • Daily Monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (DDR): The DDR metric is the percentage of advertising costs that shows the ratio of costs to money received by the advertiser. In Russian advertising practice, this is a popular indicator, along with ROI. DDR = total expenses on advertising / profit received from advertising costs * 100%. The lower the DDR, the more effective the campaign.

    • The ability to conveniently search for effective and ineffective segments (systems, regions, types of campaigns, campaigns, product categories, brands, products). E-commerce, like any other, is influenced by fashion, seasonality, the level of technological development and so on ... These factors are responsible for the intensive change in the assortment - some of the goods are no longer in demand. An untimely reaction to a decrease in consumer interest in certain positions can lead to disastrous consequences: overstocking of warehouses, surplus and loss of profit.

    Armed - means warned. The use of such dashboards helps to avoid loss of profit, redistribute advertising costs on time and maintain the profitability of the online store.

    Do you need it?

    A number of sites and online stores can do with the usual e-commerce tools, but there are conditions under which it is almost impossible to do without an operational panel :

    • the presence in the assortment of the store a large number of nomenclature items

    • the presence of goods of various kinds (for example, you sell books, electronics, toys, and interior products)

    • the activity of the online store extends to several regions - it is necessary to monitor the dynamics of sales in each region, since demand and purchasing power can vary significantly

    • the online store has a lot of contextual advertising and works with Yandex.Market

    • owners of online manazin do not have exact confidence which advertising brings the most revenue

    • owners are interested in the indicator of DDR and profitability, but not the number of clicks on a well-written ad

    In addition, there are a number of technical requirements without which the use of the Dashboard24 service is impossible.

    • There must be a description of the goods in the form of updated XML files in the YML format (Yandex.Market format).

    • You must have a Google Analytics account with the right to connect access.

    • The presence of an active campaign in Yandex.Direct and / or Yandex Market and / or Google Adwords - the main sources of information for the panel.

    • The presence of a special structure of UTM tags in campaigns or their willingness to change them.

    • You must be a RealWeb client - the agency helps to set up the system and put down UTM tags. It is no coincidence that we write about this requirement openly - setting up the Dashboard24 requires precise skills and knowledge. If the data are not loaded into the panel correctly, then their further interpretation will be useless or even harmful, giving an incorrect input for further decisions.

    If you have an online store or you are just planning to create one, be sure to take the time to design an analytics system — pick up tools in advance that will allow you to quickly manage sales and build a sound development strategy. Simple online trading with a quick start and working on the principle of "threw money on Direct - received a lot of orders" is a thing of the past. Today, one who thinks two moves ahead wins. And without high-quality and comprehensive analytics, this is impossible.

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