In the case of the merger of Pay-Me and LifePay, the Russian mobile acquiring market will be divided between two players

    Following the merger of 2Can and iBox mobile acquiring services, two more Russian services began merger negotiations. True, it is too early to talk about the positive outcome of the negotiations between LifePay and Pay-Me . Due diligence , which will last several months, has not yet been completed .

    Vladimir Kanin, CEO and principal owner of the developer of the Pay-Me service, Telemarket LLC, told Kommersant that he was discussing consolidation options with various market participants - not only with LifePay management. According to him, in 2014 Pay-Me turnover grew 11 times, and during the first half of 2015 - 6 times. Over the two years of the existence of the service, 26 thousand devices were sold, and in 2014 the transaction turnover for the sold devices amounted to $ 12 million. Pay-Me works in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

    Mobile payment terminals ( mPOS ) allow you to conduct money transactions using a small device (reader) connected to a smartphone or tablet. LifePay receives 2.7% commission on each card transaction, Pay-Me charges 2.75%.

    February 9 "Megamind"wrote that the Life.SREDA investment fund was going to buy out iboxPro , a mobile acquiring service launched in the markets of Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand. The deal was valued at $ 10 million. However, at the stage of processing the transaction, the companies disagreed about the concept of development of LifePay Global.

    In June, the creators of 2Can mobile acquiring service ( Smartfin ) decided to merge with rival iBox . The company formed as a result of the merger is estimated at $ 20 million. The merger will allow to occupy 50% (by turnover) of the mobile acquiring market. Managing Partner, Inventure Partners FundAnton Inshutin then estimated the total monthly turnover of Smartfin and iBox at 230 million rubles. Now it has increased to 500 million rubles. According to Mr. Ishutin, in the event of the merger of Pay-Me and LifePay, the Russian mobile acquiring market will be divided between the two players.

    Large banks are already introducing mobile acquiring services, believing that this segment expects multiple growth in the near future, confirms Run Capital shareholder Andrei Romanenko. According to him, by the end of 2015, the market should triple and reach 1 billion rubles a month. Consolidation in the Russian market is due to a shortage of investments. Globally, all acquiring continues to grow by 30-35% per year, said Alexei Kirichek, Vice President and Deputy Director of VTB 24 Retail Business.

    However, if we correlate the number of potential customers of this market (according to Rosstat data as of January 1, 2015, 5.6 million SMB enterprises) and real revenue, the picture will not be very impressive. The real revenue that all operators earn is 60-70 million rubles per year, estimates the managing director of Prostor Capital Alexey Soloviev.

    “Interest rates on mobile acquiring are at the level of classic banking acquiring or even higher. At the same time, under the conditions of current financial instability, this segment will feel worse and worse, as their main customers - micro-businesses - are closing today one after another. And those who survive are clearly not up to him, ” said Oleg Seydak, CEO of Blackmoon Financial Group, to Kommersant.

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