Canadian student created a service that tracks the dynamics of startups


    Sorush Godzi, a 13-year-old student from Canada, has implemented the Slik service , which tracks information about startups from different countries. This service collects information about the status of startups, their attraction of investments, changes in the number of employees and other data, Siliconrus writes . Now the resource is working in closed beta testing mode.

    The service has an updated database, through which you can search for various startups. Search results can be filtered by various data, including the amount of investments received, the number of employees and users.

    The founder of the service claims that Slik can be useful for three categories of users: investors who need new niches for investing; startup creators seeking to track their competitors; Journalists writing about IT investments, startups and networking. For information on startups, Slik monitors millions of information resources.

    Also, the author of the project said that the content of the service costs him several hundred dollars a month. Now, Godzi has not yet addressed either investors or friends with his parents - he is trying to be independent in order to ensure an effective Slik work model.

    The student raised the initial capital due to successful trading on the exchange (father-financier helped to start trading). Father taught Sorush to work with the Bloomberg exchange terminal and sell / buy shares. After some time, the author of Slik studied the basics of programming, different languages, and thought about implementing an interesting project. One of them was Slik.

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