Customer Support Secrets - Issue 4

    After a short break, we continue to share the secrets of customer support. Check out the next three helpful tips.

    1) Exceed expectations

    Full assistance is a manifestation of professionalism on the part of a support service employee, but not yet aerobatics. Often, customers take it for granted, and rightly so.

    How to raise the bar?

    Spend five extra minutes on your answer. Do more than you should. Surprise the customer. The secret component is surprise . Diligence, care and generosity are valued higher when they are not expected .

    For example, the client ends the paid period, and the card does not have enough funds. It's Friday evening, and he does not have time to pay for the services. Upon receipt of a request for a postponement, renew his account not by three, but by five days. So the client will calmly resolve the issue when it is convenient for him, and he will certainly thank you for your understanding.

    Look for opportunities to surprise customers. They will definitely appreciate it.

    2) Encourage self-education

    Sometimes the best way to help is to let you figure it out on your own. Each company has customers who prefer to learn the product without assistance. Such people rarely turn to support.

    Try to immediately figure out self-taught customers in order to adhere to a certain form of communication. Speak with them on equal terms, without a hint of a better knowledge of the issues being discussed.

    No matter how high-quality support your company is, anyway, someone will choose self-training. Therefore, instead of imposing help, create all the conditions for him. Complete the knowledge base with articles, instructions, and answers to frequently asked questions. In the end, it will be useful to all your customers.

    3) Give thanks more often

    In addition to providing first-class support, it’s important from time to time to thank customers for choosing you. Only no trivial phrases like "Thank you for choosing our service." Use original and catchy ways.

    Gratitude is best expressed in actions:

    • give customers interesting books (or discounts on their purchase);
    • recommend the services of one client to another;
    • give loyal customers discounts;
    • post customer information on your website;
    • Be active in their social. networks and blogs.

    These are just a few examples. Complete or modify the list as you wish.

    Such pleasant gestures do not require serious financial and time costs. However, they make a significant contribution to the treasury of your customer relationships.

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