What you need to know about selling texts?

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There are no universal formulas, however, some of the nuances that you will read about here may be useful tips. We did not begin to describe much here, but tried to select the optimum information needed.

Recently, a lot of diverse material has been created and continues to be created, which in one way or another relates to selling texts. Video lessons, books, webinars - all this, in theory, should without any problems teach the art of creating advertising material for any site. But the result is that the newcomers do not know whose tips to follow, get confused and cannot develop an effective plan for writing high-quality selling texts.

We tried to delve deeper into this topic and studied a large amount of information in order to highlight truly valuable nuances. We hope that the advice prepared by our team will help copywriters to develop in the professional field.

1. Write attention-grabbing headlines. It is unlikely that the reader will pay attention to your article if he is not interested in the title. Well-known businessman, marketing guru Dan Kennedy believes that writing striking headlines is easy. It presents several main types of attention-grabbing headlines:

a) “no one thought I would succeed, but I ...” (most like reading about successes from other people's lives);

b) “And you ...?” (well, other direct questions to the reader);

c) “The Secret of a Superstar: How to Look 50 to 25” (a title that portends the disclosure of an important secret);

d) “how ... made me” and in the simplified version “like me ...” (variations on the theme of stories from other people's lives);

e) “caution: if ... then ...” (the so-called “warning” heading).

2. Use statistics. Clients Your proposal or product / company description will inspire much more confidence if you add numbers to the text. They can display the results of sales / duration of the company / the number of positive results in your business, etc. Plus, the article can be “decorated” with graphs / charts, which will serve as a better visualization.

3. Avoid platitudes.“Like 2x2 = 4”, “professional team”, “high standards”, “amazing results”, “excellent quality”, etc. - Do not use such stamps when creating text. Instead, indicate, for example, the duration of the company’s functioning in a particular niche, or tell us what high-class materials are used to manufacture your goods.

4. Add different types of lists to the text - bulleted or numbered lists are a universal tool that simplifies reading and focuses on important information. However, you should not turn the entire article into a continuous list - try to highlight the key nuances. For example, you can list the benefits or results of using your product as a list.

5. Complete the text, calling a potential client to action.A button that says something like "Buy ...", "Register ...", etc. it may well stimulate the user if he is interested in the information you provide. Give the reader the opportunity to do without much difficulty (if he has a desire, of course) something for which everything was started.

In general, write short sentences, add various illustrations to your text and divide it into small paragraphs, as they simplify the perception. And remember that a high level of professionalism is achieved as a result of hard work. Go for it!

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